August Favorites

Thursday, September 04, 2014

"Life Has Knocked Me Down A Few Times, It Showed Me Things
 I Never Wanted To See.I Experienced Sadness & Failures. But Thing Is For Sure, I Always Get Back Up.

In reference to summer, August always seems to fly by the most. With the sun beating down on you and the crazy clearance sales for Back-to-school as well as Labor Day, you cannot help but to just freeze time and permanently stay in the fun that August offers. While I was living up the last bit of summer, there have been a few consistent products that I have reaching for. The first is Avon’s Beauty Balm; For the ultimate flawless face,I use this underneath my foundation (covergirl 3-in-1). It covers minor imperfections such as redness and uneven skin tone and preps for my foundation. On my nails, I have been painting them with Sally Hansen’s Lacey Lilac Nail Polish. The color is beyond elegant and feminine. As far as TV goes, The Bachelor In Paradise wins this obsession. Watching the vibrant blue water, and sexy, mysterious caves is the perfect way to hold onto the last few weeks of summer….and can I just saw how perfect Marcus is! Speaking of perfect boys, Derek Hough’s song  “Let Me In” has been on repeat countless times. The softness and emotion that is present in the lyrics just melts your heart. 

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