Fun Activites for the Fall-time

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Trust That When The Answer Is No,
There's A Better Yes Down The Road"
     Cuddle, Cozy, Bundle&, Spice...some of my favorite words to describe autumn.
With the weather growing colder in comparison to summer,  there seems to be less activities to do  in the fall time. So when you find yourself bored out of your mind, take  into consideration one of these.
  1. Have a Picnic: pack a basket full of food, grab a blanket, and have a chill day in the park with either your friends, bf, or yourself
  2. Carve a Pumpkin: Even though Halloween is almost over, you can still have a blast carving one with a silly or scary face
  3. Bake: The fall and winter is the perfect time to fill your kitchen with the aroma of desserts. My favorite is pumpkin pie and/or pumpkin bars!
  4. Make a Hammock: Find a tree in your backyard and/or park, set up your hammock, read a book, and just enjoy nature.
  5. Knit/Crochet: since the weather is cold, this is the perfect time to make yourself a new scarf or mittens
  6. Paint your Nails: an obvious one….., but fall nail polish colors are the best!
  7. Go on a stroll: perfect to do by yourself or with your bf since the scenery is magnificent
  8. Make a Campfire: make some s'mores and bound with your friends around a campfire for a cozy night

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