The Windy City

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"The Happiest People Don't Have Everything,
They Just Make The Best of Everything"
   Frustrated and anxious with the traffic backed up, I could not wait any longer for my family’s car to officially arrive in the windy city. Though it was not my first visit to Chicago, I was still excited, for this time felt different….maybe it was because I felt like a tourist with a camera in my hand, waiting for the perfect moment to capture a snapshot. We planned this Saturday getaway since some long-distant family was coming in town.

After dropping our vehicle at a parking garage, we walked on foot to our relative’s apartment. I had my eyes peeled for inspirational photos and believe me there were plenty. However, since we were already late as it is, I hesitated and figured we could stop on the way back...I was wrong :( I had never been in this particular neighborhood before. With black-railed fences, vibrant greenery, and contrasting black and white architecture, the cute apartments looked as if they belonged in Paris (at least to me). When we arrived at the apartment, we all headed straight for dinner at an italian restaurant. I had not anticipated to be seated outside, but it was just marvelous. As I ate my spaghetti and italian sausage, I watched the busy life pass by: cars, horse-drawn-carriages, and tourists. You could tell this was the upscale part of the city since ladies walked by with Louis Vuitton handbags and  electric green Lamborghinis sped by. ( I so wished I had my camera at that moment….I was ignorant and left it behind at the apartment. That car would have taken a hell of a picture!).
To top off the evening, we all sat in a cute, little park and ate gelato. Let me tell you, that stuff is the shiz! I had never tried gelato before, but the strawberry one I had was delicious! I cannot even describe the difference between it and ice cream, but gelato is ten-times better!
I was right; this night was different than any other trip I have had to the windy city. I did not feel like a tourist just gallivanting through navy pier and snapping photos of the Willis Tower (Sears tower in my book), but instead I felt like an upper class citizen. I felt as if this was a regular day for me: eating dinner outside, seeing expensive cars, and walking home after snacking on gelato.  The only thing that could have made my experience any better would be if I ACTUALLY photographed the city… I cannot tell you how much I am kicking myself for not. Either way though, I look forward to upcoming trips to this magical city. Until then, I will remain in my small town where I reside for school.

Outfit Details
-Cobalt Blue Button Down: Kohl's
-White and Black Striped Skirt: American Eagle
-Black and White Flower Necklace: Kohl's

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