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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Never Run Back To Whatever Broke You"

So I thought it would be kind of neat for you all to know a little bit about the history of fashion style because it certainly is not the same as  four years ago. As a little girl I was always intrigued to try on my mom’s high heels and practice walking in them (shhh...she doesn’t know that) So I guess you could say I was girly-girl at a young age. However I never dressed the part. I HATED my hair being combed and never was fond of dresses. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I actually started styling my hair: curling, straightening etc. And that’s where the trouble began…. Ever since then, I have found the need to wake up extra early in order to do my makeup, style my hair, and plan my outfit. Though, I cringe at my previous years of fashion. I did not truly begin to experiment until my years in high school.
Freshman (grade 9): This was the year I wore t-shirts and sweatshirts that advertised a brand (aeropostale, american eagle, etc) and thought it was cute….can I just eww! Like seriously these shirts should be illegal! It slowly transitioned into me wearing jeans (my favorite were American Eagle bootcut) with black pumps...which I guess isn’t the worst thing. As far as my hair goes, it was long, and I mean super long (way longer than it is now) and I had the side swept bangs. I would alternate days between curling it, straightening, and crimping. And for makeup, I only really wore mascara and eyeliner.

Sophomore (grade 10): This was the year my makeup experimentation began. I transitioned into wearing foundation (my favorite was Neutrogena Healthy Skin), natural blush, mascara, and THICK eyeliner on my bottom waterline. UGH it was awful. And for eyeshadow I would alternate days between a shimmery gold and a matte, chocolate brown. However I never blended my eyeshadow and it ended up creasing by the end of the day….talk about a hot mess! To make it worse, I cut my hair. I wanted to have the cute bob that everyone was rocking, however my hair stylist cut my hair to my chin, and instead of layers she cut it blunt. I looked like a 5 year old! (Let me just say I have been scared to cut it short ever since, which is why my hair is as long as it is now.) And fashion…. I still continued to wear name brand tshirts (but not as often) with off-brand uggs (I apparently wasn’t cool enough to wear the legit ones). And instead of dark washed jeans, I had my favorite pair of light wash boot-cut jeans from American Eagle. Slowly though, I transitioned into wearing skirts with a solid tshirt every so often. I had a favorite skirt that I made in fashion class and to this day I still love it. In the winter, I became obsessed with riding boots, though mine were cheap and hideous (though I thought they were cute at the time….). Oh and how could I forget my obsession with boat shoes. I bought a pair from Sears thinking they looked like Sperrys, however looking back, they’re hideous! I haven’t worn them since sophomore year. Finally, sophomore year was the year I purchased my first pair of designer shoes: Coach. They are similar to that of Converse, but have the coach logo printed everywhere on them. They’re tan with a red accent. Looking back, I wish I would have purchased a grey pair with black accents since they’ll go with more, but oh well! I wear them every so often now.

Junior Year (grade 11): I am confident this was the year my fashion style truly began to develop. I started wearing dresses and skirts constantly… I became obsessed with Hollister’s strapless dresses (which honestly aren’t that hideous. They can look super cute with the right accessories). Another obsession of mine was peterpan collars; any dress or shirt that had one, I was instantly attracted too! And I came to the realization that I LOVED navy and white, especially in regards to striped patterns. So I guess you can say I’m a nautical prepster. Oh, and I purchased a pair of black riding boots that actually are cute (and I still wear them constantly to this day). Sadly though, my makeup pretty much stayed the same….it wasn’t AS  horrendous though.

Senior year (grade 12): I am happy to say, this was year I am  most proud of! I realized what fashion styles/trends were my signatures: pearls, navy and white, black, lace, polka dots, blazers, and anything nautical, chic, and classy. Also, this was year that my obsession with statement necklaces and watches began! I also grew out my side bangs, to the point where they just blend into the rest of my hair. And it  was finally long enough to the point where I could curl it again, but I also really enjoyed doing “the sock bun”.  It was quick and instantly added chic-ness to an outfit. I was also really into circle/skater skirts as well as classic, sleeveless dresses with  high necklines. And how could I forget about maxi dresses/skirts and high-low skirts. Towards the end of the year I began to get back into headbands especially this pearl one I purchased from Agaci. And when the weather began to warm up, I loved wearing casual dresses and skirts paired with white converse….it’s so freakin’ cute! And thanks to my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, I finally expanded my makeup horizon! I even started my obsession with eyeliner on my eyelids as well as lining my  bottom waterline. Finally, I had obsession with tweezing my eyebrows pencil thin!

….And now I’m in college! I still love to dress up because I find it makes me appear older (which is essential for my petite frame).  I’m loving dresses with cute cutouts in the back that add a sexy feel. I’m also really into ankle booties for the winter. They add a little bit of height from the heel, but aren’t overly fancy where you get weird stares from students. On the flipside, I can’t get enough of wearing jeans, a simple crop top, statement necklace and converse….it’s so simple, yet so cute. And thanks to my aunt for sending my tons of estee lauder eyeshadow quads for a graduation gift,  I love experimenting with different colors along with adding my signature winged eyeliner. To top it off, I love bronzing my skin (it may be a bit much but at the moment I love it) and having bold brows by filling in my eyebrows, And yes, I still love my signature fashion pieces: pearl necklaces, navy and white, black, lace, polka dots,  blazers, statement necklaces, pearl earrings, watches, and anything nautical chic, and classy.

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