Shopping at Mall of America

Friday, November 14, 2014


"Miss You Comes In Waves. Tonight I'm Drowning."
   So it’s that time of year where all you want to do is shop (I mean I guess that’s everyday, but the winter season gives us an excuse.) There’s just something about the warmth that hits your face when you walk inside the mall that warms you up from the cold air outside,  the cheerfulness brought upon by the festive decorations in the malls, and the happiness coming from the blaring holiday music, that makes you want to spend the entire day at the mall. And that’s just what I did; I spent the day at Mall of America, not once...but twice. One weekend was with my friends, and the other was spent with my family.

I have to say Forever 21 is on-pointe. There are times when I go in there and nothing appeals to me. This time however, I wanted to buy practically everything: cobalt blue leather jackets, white graphic tees, lbd, etc. And their statement! Believe it or not though, I did not buy sad is that? I only came with a little money to the mall and spent it all by the time I got to F21. (That seems to be the case everytime I shop at Mall of America, I purchase anywhere from 0-5 things...mostly because I always go when I’m broke. This holiday season though, I foresee my Christmas money making a huge dent there. Best of all, there’s no sales tax)
 I did however purchase a maroon blazer from Charlotte Russe and two pairs of jeans from Hollister. Believe it or not, these are my first pair of jeans from there. I normally purchase mine from American Eagle. However lately I haven’t been loving the fit. They fit fine in the waist, but then are a little baggy towards the knees and ankles. Hollister’s on the other hand fit like a glove. (they are a b*tch however to put on, but they’re worth it). I feel so much more confident and actually see myself gravitating towards jeans over dresses some days...that’s unusual for me.
There are somethings that I dislike about that mall though. First off, let me just recommend that you DO NOT eat in the food court. The lines are endless and takes around 30 minutes before you actually sit down to eat...not worth it. And second, I’m disappointed they do not have two of my favorite stores: Charming Charlie and Windsor. However, in a way they make up for it by having an amusement park.  
The trip with my family allowed my to bring out my inner-kid spirit. I went on the Log Chute with my niece for  the first time in years. I had forgotten how much I used to love that ride. The exhilaration from the drops makes you want to ride it continuously...which is what we did! And our trip ended with my niece telling me in her baby voice, “This is the best day ever! I’m going to miss you soooooo much when you go back to college”.........awww I love that kid! Can’t wait to see her for the holidays!

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