Fashion Diary: The Story Behind My Shoes

Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Cinderella Is Proof That A New
 Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life"
Recently, I saw some videos on youtube about “beauty gurus” talking about the stories behind their favorite shoes. Since I have an obsession with shoes,  I thought this would be a perfect idea for a blog series. Every so often, I’ll make a post discussing  any back stories, memories, etc that may come from a particular pair of shoes. (we’ll see how long this series last..)
For the first post I wanted to start with a pair of black heels (the ones above…) that hold a dear place in my heart: my prom shoes. I guess you should first know a little about my prom dress. It was a white fit and flare dress with beading surrounding the sweetheart neckline. In some ways it reminded me of a bridal gown...and maybe that’s why I loved it so much. Anyways, you would think I would wear white shoes, nude, or even silver, but no; I insisted on wearing black. After all, black and white are my favorite colors, so it only made sense. Since my mom was paying for my dress and hair appointment, we agreed I would just wear a pair I already owned...which is not a problem considering 99.9% of my heels are black.

One evening though we were at Kohl’s looking for prom jewelry, when I decided to wander towards the shoes (which is always a bad idea!) When I saw the pair of black satin peep toe heels, I gasped. They were perfect! The accented circle of stones added some glitz to what would be a classic pair of heels. I showed my mom hoping she would fall in love with them enough to buy them. It took a little bit of begging, but she eventually bought me the 17 dollars pair of shoes.
They were perfect prom! I wore them all night long, while everyone else either went barefoot or rocked their flip flops. To this day, they still are my favorite pair of shoes. I’ve worn to job interviews, a career fair, and other special occasions. They are my go-to shoes since they instantly dress up any outfit and add that certain touch of glam! I don’t think I’ll ever part with these babies!

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  4. Loving this post and your Kate Spade post!

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