February Favorites

Friday, February 27, 2015

"When You're Happy You Listen To The Music.
When You're Sad, You Understand The Lyrics"
I thought January flew by fast, but boy did February flew by even faster. I wish there was something that stuck out in my mind regarding February, but honestly there’s nothing. Each day kind of jumbled together. As far as my favorites, I have a couple new products to mention as well as some misc.
L’oreal Makeup Extender Setting Spray: I’m honestly new to the whole setting spray thing. I’ve heard people mention Skindinavia and Urban Decay All-nighter, but I’ve never invested in them. After hearing good reviews about L’oreal’s new setting spray, I decide to bite the bullet. I have to say I quite enjoy adding the spray into my makeup routine. The spray definitely helps prevent  my foundation from getting oily. Though I will say, I still like to touch up with a powder once throughout the day because I have my makeup on all day from 7 am to about 11pm. And something else that I’ve noticed is I have to touch up my blush too because it’s not as vibrant towards the end of the day. However that might be because I have my makeup on for about 16 hours. It does though keep my eyeshadow and eyeliner from creasing so that’s a plus. The only bad thing, is it is priced at $14. However, it is cheaper than high end setting sprays, so I’m not complaining.
Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien: I received this sample size from my sephora birthday gift, and I have to say I really love the color. It is the perfect everyday color; it’s not too dramatic or too nude. I best of all it doesn’t dry out my lips.
Bath and Body Works Carried Away: I LOVE this scent. It’s the perfect blend of floral and sweetness. I’ve mostly been using it because I’m sick of the winter weather and want it to be spring. And you know it must be good because I the ENTIRE bottle is empty
FASHION: I have no idea why but I’ve been reaching for my Nike Flex Supreme TR 3 not just for working out, but for an everyday where. There’s just something so classic and sporty that these black and white trainers add. And I love pairing them with black ankle socks.
BLOGGER:  I cannot get enough of Olivia’s blog  http://www.whatoliviadid.com/  Her outfits are always so inspiring. And what puts them over the top is the location that they are shot at. Her photo’s are simply stunning!
YOUTUBER: Recently I’ve been loving watching MakeupbyTiffanyD mostly because I love hearing about her new baby! Olivia Belle is just the cutest thing.
SONGS: I’ve been obsessed with two of Michael Buble’s songs “Lost” and “Hold On”. These song are beautiful and I could seriously listen to them all day!

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  1. Great post! I've listened to Michael Buble and now I'm pretty sure it's something I'm obsessed with xx

    The Rococo Style

  2. i'm dying to try the nars lip pencils!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. You must try them! You receive a sample size if you're a Sephora beauty member


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