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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Good People Are Like Candles.
They Burn Themselves Up To Give Others Light"
Blogging can be difficult when you’re lacking inspiration, which happens to me quite often. However, when I stumble across gorgeous photography, I instantly become inspired. So I thought, why not start a “series” that features pictures that have been inspiring me. This week, I guess the theme is  simplistic, hazy,  narrative photos.

(From Left to Right)
1. I love the the composition of the photograph. The girl (Lindsey) is off-centered on this gorgeous log. Her half smile is the perfect expression and her outfit blends to the photograph to avoid overtaking anything. It’s simplistic with the pastel colors of the sky and the pop of red from the branches. And to top it off, her hair color and cut is stunning!
2 .The bridge in this photograph brings back memories of my trip to New York City. I love how the photograph is in sepia. It really makes the hardware of the bench pop. And the detailing on the wood is spectacular.
3. To me, this photo has this emotion that reads “I can conquer anything”. The male’s (Derek Hough’s) stance of one foot forward and a slight turn to the head adds character. And for some reason, the photo reminds me of an ad for American Eagle Outfitters.
4. This is another photo that reminds me of NYC, but it also brings back memories of the television show What I Like About You. Again, I love the sepia effect. As a result, the sepia and depth of field brings your eyes to the copper-y stone. Overall, this photo has a narrative quality as well. It almost evokes feelings of something lost.
5. This is another stunning photo of scenery. I love how the male’s (Derek Hough’s) head it looking up. It really makes the “viewer” use their imagination as to what’s above. And what really makes this photo is the lighting. It’s very hazy and magical.
6. This photo is similar to that of the first photo but definitely not identical.  Again, I love the added touch that the log brings. The sun peaking through the trees is stunning. And the lace detailing on her (Laura’s) dress adds a romantic feel. All together, there is this enchanting fairy tale quality

Photo Credit (from Left to Right) Lindsey Hughes, Derek Hough, Derek Hough, Derek Hough, Derek Hough, Laura

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  1. Great post! I always use Pinterest for inspirations :) <3


    1. I could spend hours on Pinterest! I agree that there's so many inspiring things on there! I pin way too many things. Btw, your comment made my day :)


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