A Change In Style

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice.
It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder"
People always say that your style changes, but I never truly believed it until these past few months. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards more casual  and minimalist clothes I find myself reaching for a windbreaker, jeans and nikes...which is unlike my chic style of skater dress, pearls, and heels. I feel as if I’ve been influenced by the college environment. And I’m not sure how I feel about this change. I always felt like I had to dress all fancy in order to look older I guess,  since I naturally look younger than I am. And the other reason being I only owned one pair of jeans that I actually liked. Therefore I would rarely wear jeans. However now that I’ve invested my money in more jeans and a couple pair of tennis shoes, (and even a nhl jersey...say what?) I actually really enjoy the look of this laid back look. I just can’t explain it. 
Most teenagers go through this face of jeans and tennis shoes in their high school and college. As they grow older into their adult years, they transition into more professional ware. I’ve done the complete opposite. I started off loving dressing up, but now I’m loving causal. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I’ll wear this more sporty look 24-7, but I certainly foresee myself rocking this look about  twice a week, while the remaining days will be my signature “all dolled up looks”. 

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