Throwback to My High School Graduation

Friday, May 22, 2015


"We Didn't Realize We Were Making Memories,
We Just Knew We Were Having Fun"
With everyone’s high school graduations being within these next two weeks,  I find it hard to believe that practically last year I was still a senior in high school. I remember bs-ing my way through AP Literature and Composition while at the same time finding a love for photography and photoshop in my Visual Art and Technology class. The last few days of my senior year, I realized how perfect my last semester in high school was. I reconnected with an old childhood friend, earned a 4.2 gpa, was accepted into all three colleges I applied to, and had a blast at prom! What more could a teenager ask for? Yet I still couldn’t wait for the day of graduation. And eventually that hot, humid day came rolling around the corner. That day I decided to experiment with a whole new look; red lipstick and a center part...that was a big mistake! On top of that, my dumb cap wouldn’t stay on, While receiving my diploma, I had to hold onto my cap with one hand just to keep it from better believe that was a picture perfect moment.
Throughout the whole ceremony I couldn’t wait for it to be over; it was unbearably hot in a cramped, air condition-less gym. The whole time I thought I would throw up or pass out. I could feel myself sweating through my gown and my makeup just melting off my face. And then it was over… that happy  day I was waiting and anticipating for four years, was done. It’s sad to think back and realize I never got those Kodak moments of me and all my friends on the football field throwing our caps in the air….all because I was too cranky and dehydrated to bother to stay after the ceremony. That definitely was my biggest regret of high school.
And after my graduation day was over I was anxious to fast forward to my freshman year of college.  I was excited to see what this new chapter was all about. And a year later, I stand in the same position : anxious to fast forward to my sophomore year of college.

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