Throwback to my Prom

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


"Cinderella Never Asked For A Prince, She Asked For A Night Off, And A Dress"

With these past few weeks being prom, I wanted to make a throwback post to my prom. This is my favorite time of the year, because I love seeing what everyone's’ dresses look like. Some are breathtaking and some I just cringe at.
For me, prom was my favorite memory of highschool….duh! Though the food wasn’t the best and I didn’t have a date, but I still had a blast getting all dolled up and hanging out with my single friends. Probably the best part was picking out my dress. I loved trying on the different styles and colors of gowns. Though I really liked this sequin mint one with a chiffon skirt, I fell in love as soon as I tried on this white mermaid gown. It was perfect! The shape was exactly what I was looking for! And being that I love being a classic girl, white was the perfect color for me. It took a lot of convincing of my mom to get this other periwinkle, cinderella ballgown out of her head. But once she let it go, she caved and let me have the dress of my dreams.
And the voluminous updo was exactly what I envisioned! And a little girl at Sephora even said I looked like a princess; how adorable is that!?!
The only regret I have it not taking more pictures. And back then I did not own a DSLR camera, so the quality wasn’t the best. So it’s my goal to put my dress back on again, get all dolled up, and go to a destination that resembles a castle to take some pictures.

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