Ferry Blues - New York Day 2

Friday, June 05, 2015


"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Aren't Big Enough"
I panicked when I woke up late that morning! The night before, I set my phone alarm for 7 am. However during the middle of the night, my phone fell off the nightstand and onto the floor. Therefore I never heard it go off. So when I heard my dad’s alarm going off at 7:30, I was freaking out mentally. Although a half hour does not seem like a big difference, to me it is. Especially when you have two other people using one bathroom, breakfast ending at 9:30, and a cab coming at 11 o’clock sharp. Plus I wanted to take my sweet, sweet time to make sure I looked perfect for this interview.
To my surprise, I still had plenty of time to put on my makeup and style my hair. Thankfully, my hair corporated for the first time since I got my hair cut. It curled under and rested nicely on my shoulders. I accessorized with some pearl earrings, a matching necklace, and a watch. To complete this professional look, a put on a black blazer and black pumps. ( if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might recognize the dress from a previous outfit post)  And then my parents and I were out the door just in time for the cab.
On the ride to my interview, I remember just being calm. I wasn’t freaking out, instead I was just watching the skyscrapers pass by my window. And before I knew it, we were at the destination. My parents said they would be shopping nearby and to call them when the interview was over.
Which is exactly what I did. After the interview, in my opinion a successful one, I made my way over to payless. And while I was walking there, I caught glimpses of my reflection in the store windows and couldn’t help but smile. I looked and felt like a real business woman just wondering around the city. However, I decided it was much too hot to be in a blazer and my feet could use more comfortable shoes, so I removed the blazer and changed into black sandals.
After my mom made her shoe purchase, we stopped at Olive Garden for lunch (I know, we’re real adventurous…) Whenever we eat at my local Olive Garden, I was always order the same spaghetti with italian sausage. This time, I decided to change it up and try a chicken flatbread. I thoroughly enjoyed the change and would most likely try it again.
After overstaying our welcome there, we decided to be typical tourists and purchase tickets for those double decker buses. Let me tell how nice it was to just sit, have the breeze blowing in your hair, and take in the views of the city as the bus drove by. It felt like you could practically touch the street signs.
On my dad’s bucket list for New York, he wanted to see Ground Zero. So we got off the bus at a nearby stop. Of course my mom and I spotted the cutest park that we had to take pictures at: City Hall Park. The fountain was just gorgeous, and in a way reminded me Buckingham Fountain. My mom attempted to take some pictures of me there; however she did not have much luck with running my camera. (she’s used to an automatic camera) so a lot of the pictures were either dark or out of focus (pretty much a reoccuring theme for this trip) but she tried her best. And I remember this sweet old guy dressed in a cream suit and a lavender colored shirt offered to take our picture...he was just the cutest thing
After getting lost a few times, we finally made it to Ground Zero. I highly recommend going there, because it will leave you speechless. Just looking down into the endless pit of flowing water and victim’s name engraved on the ledges, is incredibly inspiring. You honestly could just look at it for hours.
Since we were so close to the ferries, we decided to take one back to our hotel. It was just beautiful seeing the hudson river with the skyscrapers as the backdrop. And for the first time I saw Statue of Liberty...only for split second though. It was breathtaking. That part of the city is definitely the most beautiful; there’s no garbage, or heavy traffic, or graffiti, just straight up beauty. So maybe I’m not as much of a city-girl as I thought I was.
And as we were buying our ferry tickets, I had a pretty scary moment. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but I had this sharp pain in my throat and I knew if I didn’t get water I was going to throw up (sorry if that’s tmi). So I rushed off of the pier to a water fountain aways down (while holding in some gags)  only to find out it was out of water. My dad followed me and was so confused. He asked what I was doing. All I told him was I was dying of thirst. So he said he would buy me a bottle of water at the ferry dock. So he did, and I was so incredibly relieved!
Then we boarded the ferry. The ride was so much more enjoyable than a cab ride. You could feel the cool breeze blowing your hair crazily, and you could see yourself inching away from the city buildings as they got smaller and smaller in the distance. And not too mention we got to take some pretty awesome photos (most of which I ruined by blinking though...opps).
By the time our ferry ride reached its destination, it started pouring rain, so we headed back to our hotel and eventually went to Panera for dinner. I was content with how our first official day in the city went and couldn’t imagine the next days being anymore awesome!
Outfit Details
Cobalt Blue Bow Dress: Kohl’s
Pearl Necklace: Kohl’s
Pearl Earrings: Meijer
Black Sandals: Target
White Watch: Charming Charlie

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  1. you look so lovely! that blue is an amazing shade

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a USA beauty giveaway inc lorac, tarte etc on my blog! click here.

    1. Thank you so much! It's funny because if you look at my closet from a far there's pretty much three color groups: white, black and that cobalt blue shade.

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Looks like a wonderful time. You look so pretty in that dress!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It was a wonderful time

  3. i don't think i've been on the ferry in nyc since about 4th grade! glad your interview went well :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Then you should definetly go on the ferry again sometime soon! Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me!


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