A Day In My Life: A Chill, Summer Day

Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Not Think, Not Wonder, Not Imagine, Not Obsess.
Just Breathe And Have Faith That Everything Will Work Out For the Best"
This particular day, I prepared myself some oatmeal and berries after a quick workout. I'm not the type of person who can eat oatmeal plain; there always has so be some sort of "topping" whether it be fruit or even a quick sprinkle of sugar. After breakfast, I took a quick shower and threw on some comfy clothes: leggings and a t-shirt.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day out, so I decided to spend some time outside on my deck. There's just something so beautiful about looking at a bright, vibrant sky and beautiful blooming flowers! I'm going to miss these kind of days when the fall weather starts to kick in.  Anyways, I painted my toenails a bright coral color and flipped through a bridal magazine. I love seeing all the gorgeous gowns. There's just something so inspiring about them; I can't explain it! Then I brought my laptop outside to see what's going on in the blog world! I seeing everyone's latest posts, as well as responding to your guys' comments.
For some reason, I ALWAYS have to eat lunch at noon. Am I the only one that schedules their lunchtime when it's not necessary? Anyways, I prepared myself a leftover hamburger (with barbeque sauce of course), some grapes as well as some Mozzarella cheese. I know... what a strange combination!
Summer is the perfect time for chic-flicks, so I popped in one of my favorites: Bride Wars. If I had to choose between Bev's and Emma's wedding, hands down, I would pick Bev's. She and I have similar taste. And of course I munched on some popcorn!
When the sun started to set, I lounged in my bed while listening to music. I love to just take time to reflect about life, as cheesy as that sounds. It's nice to just clear your mind and feel refreshed.
And of course I had to pull out Gossip Girl to read. I can't tell you how many times I've re-read this. But there's just something to enjoyable about this easy-read series! Again, it's just perfect for the summer!

That's pretty much the gist of my night. I hope you guys enjoyed this different kind of blog post. It was a lot of fun to share with you a chill, summer day. How do you spend your chill, summer days? Also, I wanted to let you know that I probably will not be posting next week because I'll be on vacation.

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