Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to shop for guys? Girl's have numerous options that you can buy for her; however, guys on the otherhand, I feel as if I'm buying the same thing every year. If you too are stumped, you might want to consider my go-to's!

1. Sweaters: I find this something that guys lack in their wardrobe, so why not pick out a cozy one!
2. Watch: There's noting classier than a guy wearing a watch. I personally prefer ones with a leather band, mostly because I like the way it looks, but it also makes sizing quite easy
3. Picture Frame: A cheap, easy way for a personal gift is to print out some photos and stick them in a frame. It looks super cute!
4. Alcohol: .......Self Explanatory
5. Sports Cap: Guys can always need a new, fresh looking one
6. Flannel/Button Down: They look super sexy in these!
7. Cologne: I know it's stereotypical and probably overdone, but who doesn't love a guy smelling bomb!?
8. Shoes: Find out his favorite style or brand and purchase a pair in a color that he doesn't own.
9. Wallet: I find guy's wallets kind of end up going through hell, so a brand new one is perfect!
10. And if you still can't think of something, you can always bake him something!

Hope this helps! What are you getting your man in your life?

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