A Big Girl Wallet

Thursday, January 28, 2016

As weird as it sounds, I've never actually owned a wallet. When I was younger, I didn't have much need for a wallet, since I never had that much cash on me. Then about 2 years ago, my mom gifted me a Coach wristlet for Christmas. I used that thing everyday. It's convenient if you're only carrying a debit card and your ID, but that's about it. So I was ecstatic when my Aunt surprised me with a Kate Spade wallet for Christmas. Personally, Kate Spade wallets are my favorite. I love the shape and the fact that they're all so classy. The solid black one with the gold engraving of the logo is my favorite...it's just so chic! So this pink and blue feathery one would not have been my first choice, but it actually worked out perfect since I have two pink purses. Plus it's always nice to have a fun accessory! 

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  1. Love this wallet!


  2. Very nice wallet ! Love it <3

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog : http://yourlovelyplace.blogspot.fr/

  3. So pretty! My friend is obsessed with Kate Spade stuff and I can see why!

    Rags of Love - Alternative Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. Oh that wallet is gorgeous! I agree - I generally prefer minimalist style myself, but for some reason this one really resonates with me. I'm a new fashion blogger, and your blog is a huge inspiration - keep it up!

    Emily / Kaiaroes


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