I Cut My Hair!?

Thursday, January 21, 2016


For the longest time, I've thought about cutting my hair into an asymmetrical bob. I attempted it once when I was a sophomore in high school. It went terribly wrong though, and ever since then I was scared to try it again. So for the past three/four years, I held onto my long hair as a crutch. Last year though, I finally let my long hair go and decided to cut it to about my shoulders. And a couple of weeks ago, that's the length I intended it being. However, my hair dresser cut it much shorter than I intended. I let it air-dry and I was practically in tears because I thought it looked so stupid with all the ends going wild. However, once it was all styled, it grew on me more and more. Now I love it; I feel more mature.
I did get highlights after these photos were taken. And to be honest, I'm not digging them that much. I definitely miss having blonde ombre-d. hair. So I'm thinking, once I'm on spring break, I'll get my hair ombre-d again.

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  1. I love your hair cut! It looks great!! I've been debating about cutting mine too...I would do an asymmetrical bob too! I'm nervous!
    Also, love your blog-super cute!

    1. Thanks so much! You definitely should cut yours; don't second guess it!


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