Wednesday, February 10, 2016

 Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the winter, I cannot help but smile when I see pictures of ice caves. There's something so enchanting about them that make me feel almost like Elsa. My boyfriend and I took a trip to a local one. This has been on our things to do list for a little while, and we finally got around to doing it.
There were quite a few steps that we had to climb down in order to reach the bottom. And might I add, they were quite slippery. I normally don't hold onto railings, but my boyfriend advised me to.....wise words by his part! I almost fell on my ass a few times making my way down there, but somehow a scream and a quick readjustment of my feet prevented me from.  
And when we did reach the bottom, I was in awe! I could look at the structure of the frozen snow for hours! Everything was so bright and inviting. It was almost picture perfect minus the other people surrounding us and the slight cold breeze. There was even the cutest corner with some rock structures. Of course I had to take some pictures in front of it! And I'm glad my boyfriend is totally fine with posing for pictures in public...especially more intimate ones like these. It was the perfect way to unwind from a stressful week of school!

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