A Spontaneous Adventure

Friday, March 04, 2016

Out of the blue, my boyfriend said we were taking a trip to a casino for the weekend. I've been to Las Vegas before, however, I was not old enough to gamble. Needless to say, I felt like I was missing out. So as you can imagine, I was stoked to go a casino again. I knew it wasn't realistic, but I envision myself at least 25-100 dollars richer.
Our two friends, my boyfriend, and I all planned on leaving for the casino at around 3ish. So I asked my boyfriend if it would be okay if we took pictures for a school project prior to us leaving. He agreed. However, for some reason we never got around to doing it. Generously, he said that if I saw a cute photo opportunity all the way to the casino, we could stop....how sweet is he?
 On the way I kept my eyes pealed for anything that caught my eye. Sadly, it was all just plain land and cornfields; definitely was not what I was envisioning. Luckily, my friend spotted this bluff that we could hike and everyone agreed that we should stop.

 Hiking was definitely not in my game plan for the day; I wore heeled booties. Thankfully they were not stilettos but rather they had a chunky heels. They still weren't the ideal shoe for physical activity though. On top of that, there was still snow and ice on the bluff. All throughout this workout, I kept thinking to myself that I was going to trip, especially while going up hill. In the spots where the snow had melted, there was lots of mud. My bootcut jeans dragged in this shit, again another smart decision by my part.
Slowly but surely, we made it to the top of the bluff! From there, the cute little town and the Mississippi River were in full view. It's sights like these that make we want to stay in that moment forever; it was just breathtaking! No camera could do it justice!
It was absolutely freezing without our jackets. My hands were totally numb and my arms were filled with goosebumps....the things we do for pictures!  Unfortunatley, I was not in frame in the first batch of photos so we had to redo all of the poses..opps! Then after the second rounds of photos I rushed to put my leather jacket back on (again another poor decision) and didn't even care if the photos were perfect; I was that cold! Normally I make my boyfriend redo photos if they're not perfect (I once made him take photos at a wedding three times, I'm that much of a perfectionist).  
The trip back down though went a hell of a lot faster and was ten times less scarier. My friends even thought it would be funny to kick a rock all the way down. I swear, I'm friends with a bunch of children sometimes.
 Once we reached our car, we continued on our trip to the casino. I had hyped up this casino adventure so much in my head, but unfortunately it failed to meet my expectations. It was no as exciting as I remember it being in Vegas. Sure there were lots of bright colorful lights and free beverages but the place reeked  like cigarette smoke. I figured I should at least give the slot machines a shot though. I found a cat one and thought it was "my lucky" machine since I HATE cats with a burning passion. And just like that, I lost two dollars. I was tempted to keep going until I spent the 25 dollars I came with. But I realized how unhappy and frustrated I was. 2 minutes had already passed and I was already upset. So I called it quits.
I looked around, and you could see the addiction in people's faces. They desperately wanted to win. And who knows how many of them spend every single weekend here, spending every single penny of their paycheck. To me it was just depressing. I could not wait to get out of there!

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