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Monday, April 18, 2016

Even though the summer weather is near upon us, I still, want to talk about my love for flannels. At first  I wasn't the biggest fan of them, mostly because I never found the perfect color combination. I know that sounds silly, but the combination of a pink, blue, and orange shirt just didn't seem that eye catching to me. But then I fell in love with the combination of a red, white, and blue flannel. To me, it's just so preppy and classy without being childish. I also really love me a good dark teal, black and white flannel.
I'm also really particular with the color balance and size of the stripes. They have to be just right, or I won't buy it. This flannel was actually a sleep shirt from aerie. And I absolutely love it! It's the perfect amount of white with navy and red. Plus it just looks so effortless with jeans and brown booties. Bam! It's the perfect country look. Oh and did I mention it makes the perfect summer night out outfit. Just swap out the jeans for a pair of shorts!
Also props to my boyfriend for learning how to use my camera! I trained him well.

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  1. I absolutely adore flannels, but I was exactly like you at first I had no idea what colours and styles to pick so I never wore them. But now I am definitely a flannel lover and wear them all the time.

  2. I totally get you about the color combination.
    Once you've found the perfect color sceme they really look adorable and classic, otherwise they just won't do to me as well ;)


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