NOTD: Tulips

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Back when I was young, I always loved pink nail polish (but more so on the fuchsia end). Slowly I began to transition into the funky colors like lime green, orange, and baby blues. Now I've made it full circle, and am back to loving pink nail polish. This time though, I'm more about the lighter, more natural pinks. There's just something so fresh and feminine about those colors. This polish, Jenny's Pout, by Broadway Nails, is more on the medium tone though. It's not super bright, but not super pastel either.
This is my first time trying this brand of nail polish. My mom had it laying around in her bathroom unopened, so I decided to use it......because that's what daughters do! I will say though, this polish definitely will not last long on your nails. It's one of those colors that will chip in 1-2 be aware.

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