Some Of The Best Feelings #2

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hey everyone! Back in November I did a post listing some of the best feelings in life. I had such positive feedback, I wanted to make a continued post.  I love making these sort of posts that just promote happiness and a positive attitude.  Without further adieu, some of my favorite things and feelings....

1. A fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table 
2. When your photograph is perfectly crisp with a blur background 
3. The smell of the ocean 
4. Hearing a throwback song 
5. Receiving a "good morning beautiful" text 
6. Unexpected belated birthday cards 
7. Having a spotless room with your bed made
8. When babies finally learn your name 
9. Watching the sunset with your significant other 
10. Black and white photographs 
11. Finally climbing into bed after a long day 
12. Hot tubs in the winter time 
13. The fit of a new bra 
14. Handwritten notes 
15. The magical feeling at weddings
16. Waking up before your alarm goes off 

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  1. This is absolutely perfect. All of these things made me happy when I read them all and actually thought about it. I might borrow this idea because it's a great way to remember all the beautiful simple things of life. Thanks for this amazing post kate. ♥ Your posts always make me happy!! Have a beautiful Wednesday girl!

    1. Yesi, thank you for all your sweet comments! Feel free to make a blog post about it; I would love to read it!


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