A Touch Of Lace

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I've always admired opened back shirts. They seemed so sexy to me. I never purchased one though because I'm not the biggest fan of going bra-less. And I have yet to purchase a set of sticky-boobs. However, then I bought a bralette from Victoria's Secret, and it changed my perspective on buying open backed shirts. Now I want to purchase any shirt in this style! 

I loved the print on this top from American Eagle and knew I had to purchase it. (IT'S ONLY 9.98 NOW!)  I also loved the fact that it ties in the back. It adds such a cute and sexy detail! And how adorable is the lace and the tassels!? My boyfriend is also a big fan of this top. Since it was a little out there, I was a little concerned that he wouldn't like it, but he thinks it's super sexy. My mom HATES the top though; she think's it's too scandalous. Oh well, you can't please everyone! 

I think I may need to buy more tops like this....I'm in love. 

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  1. This top is super cute! Looks amazing on you! xx

  2. I've been hearing so much about bralettes, I haven't bought one yet but after seeing how elegant it looks on you =o)


    1. They're defintely not everyone's style. Some think it's a little trashy having your bra showing. However, when you find one that actually fits your style, you have to snatch it up. Since I have smaller boobs, I tend to go for ones with padding. The Victoria Secret one's are perfect for my liking! They even have just regular front close bras with a cute lace back (the "date" bra). So if you're not into the whole bralette ordeal, that would be the perfect option for you.

  3. This top is so pretty !
    love it.


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