Date Night

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This "type" of photography is different than what I normally post here on my blog. I normally don't post "snapshots" because that's not my style. I prefer more of the blurry background, with a cute pose, at somewhere that's not a front yard. However I decided that this "snapshot" that my mom took with her point and shoot camera was not half bad. And fun fact, one of my close friends from college has this same dress as me, but in a different color/pattern.

Anyways, this weekend I got the chance to hang out with my boyfriend again. My schedule has died down a little bit, so I had some free time to spend with him. So Saturday we went to Wisconsin Dells. We planned to go to Noah's Ark. However, it was storming like crazy so we opted for the Kalahari instead since it's an indoor park as well. I felt a little outside of my comfort zone since I'm used to styling my hair and applying makeup. So it was different wearing my hair in a ponytail and only wearing foundation and mascara. It definitely cut my getting ready time in half though; so I'm not complaining!

Believe it or not, the Kalahari was packed; there was over 3500 people there! We couldn't find out where everyone was getting their floaties for the lazy river and a couple of the water slides. Turns out, the water park ran out of them since there was so many people there. So unfortunately there was only a select few water slides that we could ride down.

It was quite hot in there too, so waiting in the lines was not fun! However the slides we did get to go down were a blast. It definitely was fun though to do something different as far as a date goes. I felt like a little kid again! There were two slides that we did not go down because we were afraid. There was one where you were shot straight scary for me. The other was a toilet bowl one. My boyfriend actually wanted to go down that one. However dropping into a 9ft pool does not sound all that safe to me....what can I say, I'm a wimp!

And for dinner I treated him to Famous Dave's BBQ. I told him if he beat my brother in golf, I would take him there; and of course he did! This was my boyfriend's first time there. He really enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole gingham table clothes and wood furniture. We both ordered practically the same meal; BBQ boneless wings and two sides. It was delicious! I normally stick the traditional burger there, so I'm glad I tried something different.

Then the next morning, my boyfriend decided to do my makeup. We both though it would be fun and interesting to see how well he did. I told me though, that I had to explain what each product's purpose was and walk him through the steps....which I did. I have so say, he did a decent job with my face makeup. The foundation and blush looked awesome. The eyeshadow and eyeliner was a little rough. His choice of black eyeshadow was not blended very well and the eyeliner was not even. It was a good attempt though. And it was funny to see how our friends reacted to his makeup job.

 My boyfriend then drove me back home. We ate lunch at my house and then practiced some golf in my backyard. He FINALLY gave me some tips that worked. I'm now able to hit the ball in the air :)

Sadly then he had to take off and head back home before it got dark. This time saying goodbye, I didn't cry....which is a good thing! But it still didn't make the goodbye any easier. However, I'm looking forward to attending my cousin's wedding next month with him. I know he's going to look so handsome in his shirt and tie, and I cannot wait to dance with him.

Also, I'm still looking for questions for an upcoming q&a. Feel free to ask one in the comments :)

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  1. Sometimes snapshots are all you end up with and you just have to go with them! That picture of you two is super cute, loved hearing about your fun weekend!


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