Anchor Away Stripes: A Day In My Life

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hey everyone! I love these sort of posts because they're so much more real than a regular fashion post. You really get to see what my day is like. I did one of these day in my life posts last year, and got some  positive feedback, so I wanted to do another one this summer.  

For the majority of this summer, I interned at Bed Bath and Beyond (if you didn't know) and I worked 40 hours a week. So that part of summer wasn't so interesting to document. But after that ended, I had so much more time to focus on my blog and just have a relaxing summer. And this day was exactly what is was: a typical summer day of doing nothing....well almost nothing. 

Like everyone, my day consists of me waking up and checking my sad is that. First I like to go on Facebook just to stalk and see what my friends are up to lol. Then I'll go on my instagram (@katekoutures) and see what is happening in the blogger world. This is the time when I love to comment and like other peoples photos. To be honest, I spend way too much time doing it, but hey....Who cares!? 

My breakfast changes depending on my mood. This day, I was feeling particularly healthy and decided to have some fresh fruit! Other times I'll want some junk food. So that's where frozen waffles or cereal comes into play. Fun fact, I HATE oj with a burning passion, so you'll always find me drinking water....even for breakfast! 

I'd like to say that spend time doing cardio around the neighborhood, morning yoga at the beach, and ab workouts at the gym. Truth is, my exercising consists of me following along 6-20 minute videos for arm exercises. That's one of my biggest insecurites. I've once had someone say I have twigs for arms. So I've been trying my best to add some muscle to them. There are days where I'm motivated, but sadly there are days where I skip. And that's the reason I haven't seen much results this summer. So hopefully, I can get back at it! 

After "working out" I'll take a shower. Do the usual of washing my hair, shaving my legs, conditioning my hair, cleansing my face....nothing too exciting. 

I blow dry and straighten my hair and apply some makeup. I've mention this palette in my most recent post. It's the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. It's so easy to create either a dramatic or neutral eye look. I've been using it like crazy this summer. 

Reading and responding to your comments honestly is the highlight of my day. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing that you guys enjoyed all the hard work I put into a post. I also take this opportunity to comment on other blogger's posts. I've recently discovered some new favorites that I'm addicted to reading. Their photography and style is so inspiring! 

Afterwards, I took some blog photos. I do most of my photography in the afternoon, which honestly sucks in regards to the location of the sun. Normally i get harsh shadows on my face.So I guess I really need to change my routine if I want better quality photos. 

This day, I was really behind on laundry...and when I say behind, I mean it was piled high. I don't know why and I always wait until it gets out of control. Sadly, my peterpan collar dress got destroyed in the washer. Take a mental note and don't be lazy by throwing delicates in the washer. 

While my laundry was being done, I decided to bake some cupcakes. Lately I've been really into baking. I cheat though and make boxed desserts. I haven't been brave enough to make something from scratch. 

To be honest, these cupcakes don't look very appetizing, but I promise they were better than they looked. I only frosted one or two cupcakes because the watermelon frosting was not appetizing....shocker! It just tasted like a watermelon jolly weird for my liking. And yes, those are Christmas cupcake wrappers....That's all I could find. 

Fun fact, I have a hot tub at my house, but the heater is broken so it's more like a mini pool. This whole summer, even when I was working, I've enjoyed just chilling in there. I love to just lay in there, let the sun beat down on me, and clear my thoughts. It's also a great time to get caught up on Instagram again. It's not the safest though, because I could easily drop my phone in the water. And I happen to be a clumsy person so.....

After spending time in the water, I decided to practice my golf skills. As many of you know, I've been attempting to "be a golfer" for over a year now, and still have not had much luck. I was doing okay a couple of weeks ago, but have now gone down hill again. It's incredibly frustrating. I don't understand  it. It's a freak small as* ball: why can't I hit it!?

And after having dinner and watching tv, I ended the night snap-chatting my boyfriend, like always. These filters always get me!

What's a typical day like in your life?

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  1. Ugh same, my arms just look a little too stick like... if you're skinny people say you're too skinny, if you're fat people say you're too fat and if you're slim then people still say you're fat. People aren't going to stop criticizing so we should just be thankful for the body we have.
    Aleeha xXx


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