Another Year Passes

Monday, August 15, 2016

Well, my blog turns another year older. I have now been blogging for two years. And since then, I've made a ton of changes to Kate Koutures. Remember that pink brick background...gone! Those bows with quotes on every post....gone! That damask background....gone! That cursive header....gone! That orange blogger favicon....gone!

You may have remembered some beauty and DIY posts from back in the day. I've slowly transitioned away from them, because I wasn't all that passionate about them. (That doesn't mean you won't see one from time, time : just not daily). Instead I've loved transitioning my blog into more of a lifestyle/fashion blog. I love posting photos from my weekend and just talking to you guys about my adventures. Plus it does help that I have a male model to pose with me....aka my bf.

I still love putting together outfits together and showing you guys how to style them. It's been difficult finding time to shoot them as well as a cute location. One of my closest friends in college Natalie, has played a huge part in helping me with that though. Whenever I'm feeling like doing some spontaneous photo-shoots, she's always down for it! She's such a sweet heart <3 

With that being said, (not being conceited or anything) my photography has improved a great ton! I've invested in a new lens and it has made the biggest difference in the world. And because of that, I can honestly say my blog photos have developed a signature least I hope so! Just a little self promo, would love if you followed me on instagram. I love sharing my photos with y'all.

Another thing that has changed, is collaborations with brands. It still blows my mind that brands see potential in my blog and want to collaborate. And for that I'm truly grateful.  I know these type of posts are not everyone's cup of tea. However, I want to be completely honest with you guys. They're not paying me to write about their company/product. These are my own thoughts and words. I've never wanted to be someone that I'm not.

Probably the biggest thing that has changed is the interaction with other fellow bloggers. You all leave the sweetest comments on my posts and I cannot thank you enough! Every comment seriously puts a smile on my face. I try my best to respond quickly and even return the favor. I've also enjoyed interacting with everyone on Instagram and Twitter . The fact that I have close to 100 followers on both sights is more than I could ask for. I know it may not seem like a lot to some other bloggers. However it means so much to me! Pretty much none of my friends know about my blog. So these are people that TRULY want to follow me.

I've also grown to be really attached other fellow blogger's blogs. (that's the most awkward sentence ever...) But seriously, there are alot of blogs that I'm so loyal to and cannot wait for their next post. Some of those include Gal Meets GlamAspyn OvardBows and Sequins, Barefoot Blonde,  Hello Gorgeous, and Pardon Muah. I just can't get enough of them! They give me so much inspiration. For a full list of who I follow as far as blogs go, check me out on Bloglovin.

And I just want to conclude by saying how much you all mean to me. I am truly thankful for all of your views and comments. There have been a couple of times where I questioned blogging, but your sweet words kept me going strong! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! So exciting, & such a great way to look back & see all the accomplishments you've made in 2 years!

  2. happy blogiversary!
    it's so hard to get to that point you should be super excited and proud!


    A.Viza Style

  3. Yaaaay, happy blogiversary! Xx

  4. Happy blogiversary! I'm new to blogging and just started following along on instagram!

    1. Well welcome to the blogging community Haley! I wish you the best!

  5. Amazing blog!


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