Everything You Need To Know About Bras

Thursday, August 11, 2016

First off, please ignore how much of a mess I am in this picture. My hair wasn't washed and therefore was thrown in a messy braid. My face is all nat-ur-al and bare, free of makeup. My nails are chipped and my back is unevenly tanned. You may think bloggers have the lives together 24/7. But this is the perfect example to prove to you that WE DONT! Our lives may seem all fun and glamorous, but in all reality, it's just as disorganized and hectic as yours!

Also,  I redid my blog's template design. What do you guys think? Is there anything you would change?

Anyways, with it being summer, we all want to look our cutest. And in order to pull off that cute sundress, or open back tank, we need the right undergarments to pull that off. So today I wanted to talk ALL ABOUT bras.

First thing first, there's some bras that EVERY girl needs to own. You may already know/own some of these, but it's always a good refresher to check these off your list.

1. Plain Black Bra: It's an essential ladies! It goes with everything and is perfect for when you need to dress more fancy and don't want those hot pink straps showing.....that's not the most professional for the work environment

2. Plain Nude Bra:   You may think the best choice of bra to wear under a white shirt is a white bra. You're dead wrong! That will show through your shirt sooooo bad! Instead find a bra that is close to your skin tone. This will ensure your bra can't be seen through your semi-sheer shirt.

3. Strapless Bra:  These are excellent for those strapless dress and even those cute summer blouses where you don't want your straps showing. I will recommend investing in a good one that stays up. You don't want to pulling it up all night long.

4. T-Back Bra:  The majority of these you'll find in a front close. You may find it annoying to wear one of these, or you may find it incredibly convenient. Either way, these are perfect tank tops! Your straps will be completely hidden. These also work really well under workout tops....just in case you're wanting to sport one of those tops to school or something.

5. Sports Bra: Whether you're just going on walks or playing a full match of tennis, you're going to want some support during physical exercise. I recommend a basic one like a black or white, but if you want to sport a strappy hot pink one....you go girl!

5. Something Sexy:   I'm not saying you have to buy a special bra just to attract your significant other. However I do think that it's important for YOU to look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks. So treat yourself to either  a bright,fun bra or even a lacy one. Even if no one is going to see it, it's important that you feel confident.

6. Sticky Bras:  If you're wearing an open back shirt/dress, that look of a clasp in the back can ruin the look. This is why adhesive bras are such an essential. I wore one with my prom dress and didn't have a problem with it coming undone. You can get ones that are adhesives on the sides or ones that the whole bra is sticky.

7. Bralette:  These are totally optional, but I think they make a great addition to your bra collection. If you're not into the whole sticky bra, thing these are great alternative to wear under your open back clothing. They add a fun, flirty element to an outfit. You can buy them with or without padding depending on your comfort. I personally love ones with padding, because without, I would feel like I'm flat chested like a man lol

8. Push up Bra: Again, this is another optional one. But if you're insecure about your little boobies, this will give you a boost of confidence...literally. Everyone wants to feel sexy! You can find bras with different levels of padding, depending on how much lift you want.

Am I missing any essentials? Let me know in the comments if I am.

Now that we have all the essentials covered, let's talk about fit. Personally I experience problems with gaping. I have really small boobs. I'm practically in between an A and a B...mostly a B because I wear push up bras. And I like to criss-cross my bras so they're extra supportive and tight. However, sometimes i get a gap at the top, between my boob and my bra, if I'm not sitting up straight. So I found out that some bras are actually  sold in half sizes in bras.What!? Where has this been all my life!?  Thirdlove sells a ton of bra styles in half sizes, including this  magenta sexy little number, perfect for that "something sexy" I was talking to you guys about. I do have a promo code for y'all. If you use the code BRABLEMS you'll receieve 15% off your purchase!

These are some other bra fit problems that many, many ladies suffer with. This chart explains the solutions better than I could.

What bra advice/tips do you have? Is there a certain bra that is your absolute must have? I'm interested to know!

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  1. Love this guide very informative, also about bralettes do you find them to be supportive? I'm debating on getting one and want to know if it's worth. Anyways great post!


    1. I've only owned a bralette that has padding, so I can't say much about unlined ones. (I find that I'm too flat to pull of those). But I find the ones with some padding are just as supportive as regular bras. With that being said, I have a super small bust, so it may not be the same for everyone. I would say though, give them a shot. It adds so much to an outfit

  2. Great tips! :)

  3. Having a well fitting and proper bra for a garment is so important. It's been interesting with my fluctuating size during pregnancy....

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Oh no! I can't say that I can understand the struggle, but I'm sure someday I will.

  4. Great tips! I just shared this post with my friend because we were talking about the importance of a good bra. I use to work at VS and you'd be amazed how many women walk in wearing the wrong bra.


    1. You have no idea how much that means to me; thank you! And I completely agree. It takes about a 1 minute to get measured.

  5. Great tips, I actually use to have the quad boobs for a few month haha, I wish I have known that before! xo, Sophia from http://www.sistersandglitters.com

  6. Anmazing bra!

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  7. Thanks for that guide. Keep up going your great work.

    Kisses from Berlin
    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

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  9. love this post!! my bra collection really sucks right now because my boobs have changed so much in the last few years with babies. i'm almost done nursing though so this list is helpful! thanks

    1. Well now that you're almost done nursing, you should invest in some cute bras!

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