Vacay Week

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I just want to start off by apologizing that I haven't been on blogging game. I'm officially a week into my junior year of university. And I think I've finally gotten a solid routine down. So hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with my two posts per week schedule.

If you follow me on Instagram, (@katekoutures) you may have seen on my Instagram Story, that I took a trip to Florida a few weeks ago. (I'll include some of those photos to this post as well).

The first two days, my family and I went to Disney World. I haven't been there since I was in 5th grade. Let me tell you, my image of Disney has changed tremendously! Sure, it's a magical sight to see the castle, and when you're younger you get all excited to get characters' autographs. However, I find the rides to be rather boring. I'm more for thriller rides then "scenic rides". And the food......THE FOOD IS HORRIBLE! First of all it's overpriced. Second of all, it's impossible to find a table to sit at. Third of all, it's just blah! So would I go back to Disney again? Maybe....if I have kids. And definitely, when it's not so hot and crowded.

The remaining part of the trip, we spend in Fort Myers. It was a little too small of a town for my liking. Last year, my family and I went to Destin, and I prefer that upbeat atmosphere more.

 Just chillin' by the pool

I did however, get to see dolphins practically up close....and I mean REAL UP CLOSE! I was even afraid that they would jump out of the water and hit me in the butt lol. So that was the highlight of my vacation!

The condo's scenery was beautiful though! It had tropical plants surrounding the pathway to the beach. There were even little tiki huts to sit down and eat at. How cute!

I was lucky to even get this shot because within 2 minutes, it POURED! I was lucky my camera didn't get soaked!
And how pretty is this sunset!? Fun fact, I brought my camera out to the beach and didn't realize that I broke my memory card. I was soooooo disappointed because I got all dressed up for pictures and then I wasn't able to shoot any. Luckily, after dinner I discovered that I had a spare. So I guess it was worth it, because then we came at THE PERFECT time for the sunsetting.

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