Fall Festivities

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whoo! Half-way through the work week!!! I found some pictures of some fall festivities that my boyfriend did and realized I never shared them on the blog.
Autumn has the perfect weather for walks. It's not too hot where you break a sweat on your voyage. Instead there's a coolness in the air, making it completely comfortable! Beautiful colors from the leaves surround you. Crunching from every step you take....ahhh it's just magnificent! There's a funny story behind this walk. One day driving home from the mall, I saw a sign for a state trail. Curiously, I googled what the trail looked liked and came across beautiful pictures of a bridge overlooking a small body of water. I HAD to go there! So on a Saturday afternoon my boyfriend and I adventured there. We walked for a couple of miles and realized we weren't getting anywhere near the bridge....it was miles, and miles away still. So we decided to call it quits, but not without getting a few snaps. Notice anything about my socks!? One may be higher than the other....classy! 

Another classic for fall....apple orchards! I've never seen customers so serious about apples than when I went to this orchard. Sure I've seen people purchase a dozen maybe two dozen apples, but take that and multiply it about 5. And that's not all, name anything apple flavored and they have it! Yes, even those delicious smelling apple cider donuts; talk about delicious! ...I may have eaten half a dozen of them in less than two days #noshame!
This has to be the best candid shot! I snuck a bite of my boyfriend's apple and he started giggling!

It was my turn to plan a surprise date, and I chose to go horseback riding on trail. This is something I haven't done since second grade....so quite some time. To be honest I was thinking of chickening out once we had some downtime before galloping away. I'm the biggest scardey-cat of animals. I honestly thought my horse was going to bump into the horse infront of me. In rectrospect, I was over reacting. Would I go riding again though? Probably yes. Anytime soon, probably not for some time. If it was on a beach at sunset, I'd be all for that.! 
I may have snuck a picture of my bf.....

A sunset overlooking a city; nothing is prettier! This was taken the night of our anniversary. Such a perfect and memorable night <3 

What's your favorite fall festivity? 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Such pretty scenery.


  2. The prettiest fall leaves! Cute post! xo


  3. Looks like the perfect way to enjoy fall weather xx


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