Autumn Romance

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In my past few posts, I've stated how it's still fairly warm out and how I'm still wearing practically summer clothing. Now, I take that back. It is definitely starting to feel a lot chillier.  I found myself needing a coat and scarf, most definitely at night time. It's finally blanket season girls....that means cuddling under it and never getting up. I mean the struggle is real to get off your lazy bum! But now that it's almost Thanksgiving that means crunch time for us college students. This is time when all your projects are due, but you're too excited for Thanksgiving break that you're too lazy to actually put in the effort. Yep.....that pretty much sums up my life right now!

The other day I was going through my photos and realized I never made a post about this day. I've heard bloggers always saying the same thing and I always found it bizarre. How can you forget about photos that you're passionate about and cannot wait to post!? But now I realize how easy it is to get all caught up in fashion posts and just randomly forget about some photos. 

So this was the day that my boyfriend and I adventured out to a nearby scenic view. You may recall that we went to an ice cave over of the winter,  Well we decided to go back in the autumn. Let me tell you it was not as beautiful as the winter. It still was quite interesting though minus all the mud and puddles. And of course we had to recreate our photo from last year. 

As we were leaving a middleage man asked if I was taking pictures for a school project. He nodded his head and asked if I was a photographer. I said no, it was more so for a hobby. And he thought that that was great!.....guess I look like I somewhat know what I'm doing with the camera and tripod. 

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  1. Such a beautiful picture!! What camera do you use? It looks like such a beautiful spot. We don't have anything that scenic down here in Miami. Happy Wednesday princess <3


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