Friday, November 04, 2016

Hikes are by far my favorite part of autumn. Just walking through the woods with all the pretty colors of leaves surrounding me just makes my heart melt. I can't describe it. This particular location has been my favorite scenic hike so far. The multiple waterfalls are beyond stunning and there's a cute little creek that flows by. You can even adventure onto cliffs/rocks so see more of an aerial view. I wanted to just stand there for hours taking in the beauty. It made me think how beyond blessed I am. Blessed with a caring family. Blessed with good health. Blessed with a loving boyfriend. Blessed with honest friends. Just blessed with life in general.
Believe it or not, this top is actually a romper from Romwe It was a tad bit short for my liking (like my butt was covered, but if I bent over, it might have shown). That's nothing a pair of shorts can't fix for extra security though.  *For size reference, I ordered a size small.* So I decided to throw a pair of jeans underneath and made it appear as if I was wearing a flowy top. And I think it worked out nice. This is a great tip if you're looking to transition your summer rompers into the fall. I did have to wear a tank top underneath it because it dipped too low. That might be though because I'm petite and small chested. You could easily get away with a cute bralette. 
I may had to of crossed a small stream to take pictures on that big rocks. And I may have changed my shoes..... 
I have to say I really enjoyed the tie aspect detailing. You can choose to tie in the middle or more so to the side. In a way it kind of reminds me of a robe because it's so soft and comfortable. It literally feels like you're in lounge ware. 
Fun fact, I only wore these heels for a couple of the photos. You try walking about steep hills and rocks with heels on.....! If I wasn't going on a hike though, I would wear these babies all day! 
What I love most about this romper is the print. I own nothing like it, and it's seriously the perfect  color scheme and print for autumn. Ahhh I'm in love! I would buy anything and everything in this color. 
My boyfriend is so cute for taking my camera and taking scenery pictures with out my knowledge. 
I actually went shopping prior to this shoot and the only purse I had was a hot pink one. Needless to say, I felt ridiculous. Someone complimented me on my "shirt"/romper though. 

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