A Christmas Miracle

Friday, December 30, 2016

Another festive post, just like I promised! These photos have quite the story behind. I took them prior to Christmas in my boyfriend's town. Then about two years later they mysteriously disappeared from my memory card. I was honestly heartbroken. It may not be equivalent to losing imporant pictures from your wedding, honeymoon, summer vacation pictures, etc. but it was still special to me. It reminded me of the weekend my boyfriend spent together celebrating Christmas early together. I wanted to cry when I couldn't find them. Hope was given to me when I discovered that you could download software to find these "hidden" pictures. Once the software located the pictures, you were required to pay a fee to download the pictures. I did not feel like spending $50 to have 15 or so photos. I tried many, many "free" software and was left with the same dilemma. I almost gave up, but then I tried the recovery software zar, and poof....it worked! I can't tell you how much happiness was filled when I was able to download my new/old photos. I'm telling you, it was a Christmas miracle!
I'm kind of obsessed with this little snow village in my boyfriend's hometown. We went there at night with his little niece and nephew. They were serving hot coco and had sleigh rides around town. Plus there was an old fashion sleigh that you could sit in and take pictures. So of course I knew I wanted to come back here for pictures.

There was even a cute bridge! I honestly had the time of my life that weekend. We celebrated Christmas early, and did all kinds of holiday activities. First, we baked cookies together. His mom made the dough for us from scratch. All we had to do, was roll the dough out and cut out some shapes. Sounds simple right......well somehow we f*cked it up. The dough stuck to our hands, so we added flour to balance that out (seemed logical). However then I think we had too much flour. So long story short, our cookies came out of the oven and the tops were practically covered in "snow". Frosting and adding sprinkles was the fun part! We all got to dye our frosting to what ever color we desired and picked some flavoring for it. My boyfriend's brother picked rum to be his flavor. At first I wasn't sure about it; but actually it was one of the better ones. 

The next day, we opened presents bright and early. It was cute having our own little Christmas. He got me the prettiest silky robe and a crystal heart necklace. We adventured out into the snow to go tobogganing. Believe it or not, I don't own much wintergear. The extent to my cold weather gear is a wool peacoat. I used to own a nice fuzzy pair of mittens that I stole from my boyfriend. Somehow though I lost one of the mittens, so they're no good now. I swear that always happens to me. So I wore my boyfriend's oversized sweatpants over my jeans and his moms wool socks, gloves, and boots. The only thing that was mine was my coat and scarf. Oh and the packer hat his mom got me for Christmas. So Santa, if you're reading this, I'm in desperate need of winter essentials!
Then on Sunday we woke up early to ensure we made puppy chow to much on during the Bears and Packers game. It was so cute watching my bf take charge in the kitchen. He looked sexy mixing that bowl. (I'll insert some images from my Insta-story below). This was my first time making puppychow and boy let me tell you that chocolate and peanut butter is some strong stuff! But it was perfect to snack on in between quarters. Funny story.... I was wearing my white Cutler jersey and my boyfriend told me to change so I wouldn't get it dirty while we baked. So I changed into my packers jersey from Goodwill. Then during half time, I changed back into my Bears jersey to root for Chicago. I honestly would have been happy with either team winning. 

After going to his niece's dance recital, we made a gingerbread house late at night. If you couldn't tell we attempted to make it look like a log cabin....hence all the pretzels! And yes there's a shit ton of powdered sugar on the table... *note to self, the sugar doesn't stick to frosting that well! Then the final day spent with my boyfriend was a chill day. We woke up late and had a popcorn movie morning. Home Alone 3 was supposed to be on television, but apparently it got replaced with Harry Potter. Who, watches Harry Potter during Christmas time!? So we ended up finding the movie playing some place else. Then I got all dolled up to take these photos. One of my good friends from college bought me this skirt for Christmas. I love the silk and lace combination. So Natalie, if you're reading this....Thank you! I love it! Sadly, I had to leave for my home that afternoon. I didn't want to leave my boyfriend. I'm used to seeing him everyday. But at the same time I was excited to see my house all decorated for the holiday. Plus I watched Home Alone 1 & 2 on dvd during the car ride. It was the perfect way to end the holiday weekend extravaganza. What winter fesitivies did you take part in? 

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  1. LOVE your outfit, and I agree that making gingerbread houses is just totally classic Christmas fun!


  2. Sounds like a great deal of fun happiness time. You look very classy and beautiful.
    Happy blessed new year to you and your family. :)


  3. Happy New Year, Kate!! I'm glad you recovered your photos because they are really cute :)


  4. These photos are so cute! Sounds like the perfect Christmas <3

    Katie | WillowAndWhiteBlog.com

  5. Amazing look!



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