The First Snowfall

Monday, December 12, 2016

There's nothing like the first snow fall. Waking up to trees frosted with fresh, white fluffy snow is the one of the best feelings. Last weekend, I was not expecting to wake up to a winter wonderland, but I most certainly did. Shockingly, I looked out the window at my boyfriend's parent's house in the morning  and saw the beauty of snow surrounding us. I told my boyfriend, but he did not believe me until he saw it for himself. And it continued to fall as I got ready that morning. My boyfriend asked if I wanted to take pictures in the snow. I thought: Ummmm.....of course I want to! There's nothing like having those snow flurries in your pictures. As of right now, I am currently sitting in my boyfriend's house in front of their Christmas tree, and  once again snow is falling. It certainly completes the Christmas season.
I bought  this flannel the other day from Kohl's. I had $15 dollars Kohl's cash to spend from Black Friday. I wasn't sure what I was going to get with it when we finished up our Christmas shopping. I thought maybe I would get some Cubs World Series Apparel for myself, a pair of boots, or use it towards a Christmas gift. But when I saw this red flannel for only $17, I instantly knew I wanted it. 

I've wanted one of these red and black classic flannel for a while. I find they're the perfect shirt for this time of year. It may have taken me a few years, but I am so glad I bought it.  Like I said, I wasn't plan on it snowing, so it was a coincidence that I decided to buy and wear it that weekend. 
I bought these brown booties on Black Friday for only $19 and I have to say I'm obsessed. I have two other pairs of brown short boots, but they're more of a beige and a camel color. I don't own anything in this classic brown color. They certainly go with every outfit. They were all sold out in my normal size, so  I bought them in a size smaller. At first they were tight, but they're broken in now. 

My necklace may or may not be on backwards in all of these photos......

I've stated in one of my previous fashion posts that I'm obsessed now with bralettes. And once again, I'm rocking that same black bralette from Aerie. I find it's less bulky then wearing a tank top on underneath. Plus it adds a little sexy touch with the lace. If you're looking so spice up your basic flannel, throw on a bralette and unbutton the first few buttons. Voila! Instant va-va-voom!

I even posted a few photos to my Insta-story. So if you're not following me on Instagram, you totally should: katekoutures
How cute is he?!

My boyfriend's mom made us hot coco with whipped cream, a candycane, and chocolate sauce. DELICIOUS!!!

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