Sexy: A Valentine's Gift For Him + A Giveaway

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Next week is the big lover's holiday. Yep that's right....Valentine's Day! My plans are pretty basic. We're dressing up and going out to eat. I got my man some little goodies that I can't wait to give him. But Valentine's Day practically came early for him because he was surprised with a new, cool watch . He already owns a basic black one, but nothing like this unique,  wood watch from Jord. It has a modern feel with the rectangular shape, but it also has a rustic look with the wood material. My boyfriend says it's the most prestigious watch he's owned. (Not gonna lie, I'm kind of wanting a women's wood watch for myself!) It's guy approved, so it'll make the perfect gift for your man as well! Plus if you act soon, you'll be able to have shipping in time for Valentine's Day.
His face lit up with excitement when the watch came in a jewelry box. It's not like any other cardboard box that will eventually get thrown in the garbage. It's one that will actually go nicely with decor and look sharp on his dresser.  

To ensure the sizing is correct, Jord has a printable measuring tape. This is extremely important because some jewelry stores might not have the tools to resize the watch. So to avoid shipping back for resizing, make sure you measure properly. 
It was fun being on the other side of the camera for once. I miss being in a photography class and taking portraits. I'm surprised I got decent shots considering I spent very little time shooting them; it was way too cold to be fussing around with my camera. I also was having problems with my shutter remote. It just wasn't working. So I ended up having to do a 10 second timer. Which is why I didn't do very many poses and the ones I did do turned out a little fuzzy. Opps! I still wanted to share them with you guys though. 

And now onto the part you all have been waiting for..... THE GIVEAWAY!!!! Jord was generous enough to offer you guys a chance to win a $100 credit towards either a men's or women's watch. Please enter here! All contestants will earn a $25 credit just for entering. Please enter by February 26th. 


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  1. Y'all are a gorgeous couple! And that watch is such a great gift idea!


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