Junior Year Follow-Up

Monday, May 29, 2017

I meant to have this up as soon as got out of school for the summer, but I wanted to wait until I heard back from some interviews before I posted this. Anyways, if you haven't seen the Letter To My Junior self that I posted back in September, please read that first. It will make mores sense. This post is basically me reflecting on my junior year and seeing if I reached the goals I set. So here we go.....

Yes, time certainly does fly by pretty da*n fast! It's crazy to think I'll be graduating next year. No longer will I have four whole months of pure summer laziness. I'll be a full time working girl. Freshman year certainly feels like ages ago. In reality though, it's only two years ago.

Unfortunately, I didn't land that internship. After being offered an internship as a sophomore, I thought getting another internship would be a piece of cake. I figured I had this interview process down. Let me tell you though, after this year I'm used to rejection. I can't tell you how many interviews I've had where I thought, "This is it! I'm going to get an offer." Later I found out that, "at this time, we're pursing other candidates." It sucks to be disappointed so many times and to be left unsure how I'm going to earn money this summer. It would be nice to know what these other candidates have to offer. I  just don't get how a 3.5 gpa student with a previous internship and a related major, is not as qualified. I want to know what I'm doing wrong.  And it's not just me that's experiencing this rejection. I know other friends who are close to a 4.0 gpa and are also constantly being rejected. It plain words....it just sucks!

I will say though, this past school year was entirely different than others. I say that every time, but it honestly is so true! Practically every minute of every day, minus class, was spent hanging out with my boyfriend and his roommate. Sophomore year I would only get to see him a couple times a week. So it was a major change; in a good way though. I can honestly say that our relationship deepened extremely. I feel closer to him now more than ever. We're incredibly comfortable with each other and can talk about anything. It's funny because freshman year, all of our friends got together to play Monopoly at night. This year, my boyfriend and I would alternate between PS4 NFL, chess, and slap war (our own variation of war mixed with slap jack). With that being said, since I did spend so much time with my boyfriend, I did not hang out with my friends nearly as much. In fact I can count on my hands how many times we hung out. I will say though, towards the end of the year, the group of friends that I was friends with since day 1 of freshman year, has come back together. I feel confident that senior year will result in more late night drunk talk lol.

Finally, in regards to my blog, I definitely was able to keep up with responding to comments, being consistent with posting, and just being active in the blogging world. I think one of the big reasons why I was able to accomplish this was because I finally told my boyfriend about my blog. I no longer had to desperately find a way to photograph myself. Instead, he took on the role as my photographer. I've said this before, but I'm incredibly grateful for that. It couldn't have gone any smoother since I told him. In fact, he'll even ask me questions, like "did the viewers like the location we went to". It's honestly the best feeling knowing he accepts "my hobby".

To sum up Junior year, it definitely was a year of fast food. My boyfriend and I no longer have an appetite for the cafeteria food. We ate out about half the week. It's honestly a bad habit to get into because my wallet suffered tremendously. Also, because of our hate for the dorm food, I found any excuse to go home to my boyfriend's house for the weekend. Nothing beats home cooked food. Sophomore year just seemed to fall into place for me. Junior year on the other hand was a little rocky. I haven't landed that dream internship yet. It scares me to think that maybe I won't get a job right of college because I'm lacking experience. Apartment hunting also was a bust. Instead now I'm stuck with a random roommate back in the dorms. I know it's not the end of the world, but when you have your heart set on a particular internship or apartment, it sucks when things don't go your way. I know it may seem like I'm complaining a lot, but I truly am greatful for this year. I got to have my first class together with my boyfriend and we deepened our relationship tremendously. I wonder how next year is going to go.

Cheers to senior year!

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  1. Haha I know when you mean that 'it was the year of fast food', I used to eat out all the time but then I decided to eat at home and more healthier. But nothing beats junk food!! It sucks when you know you are good and get rejected but you have to believe in yourself and you will make it! x


    1. Yes, nothing beats junk food every once in a while! Not everyday lol

  2. Nothing beats a home cooked meal, that's for sure =o)


    1. It's honestly the best, especially homemade mashed potatoes! Yum

  3. Sorry about the internship, but I understand the struggle! Rejection sucks, especially when you really think you had a good chance of getting it. Happy to hear your boyfriend is so supportive of your blog and is helping you take photos, I think that's so sweet!


  4. I know it feels awful when you are rejected even thought you are a good candodate for a particular job. I hope, you will get a great offer soon. Good luck. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  5. Thanks for sharing what's been going on. You are getting better at taking interviews I'm sure, so something will happen in the future for you. So glad you shared with your boyfriend and he supports you. Lucky gal! My hubby and I cannot get along when he tried to be photographer. Had to get my own. Lol!


    1. Haha that's too funny about you and your husband not getting along in regards to photography!

  6. Sorry to hear about the internship rejection, I just graduated my senior year of college and can't land a job even though I have much experience in my field .. it sucks. Enjoy your summer and enjoy senior year it's so much fun!

    1. Hopefully you'll find a job soon. Wishing you the best

  7. Don't be taken back by the rejection. May be a better offer is waiting around the corner for you.
    It's definitely a hard job market these days and so much of competition going on.
    Enjoy your free time and plan as much activities you can do too!

    Followed you on BLOGLOVIN
    See you there!

    Dimito Michiyo


    1. I'm definitely enjoying the free time and in the meantime taking the opportunity to focus on my blog

  8. Think junior years are always a little bit rocky as you find your feet but you learn a lot. Good luck with the internships and keep pestering x

  9. There is nothing like homemade food... I feel you!


  10. Good luck sweetie ! I send you all my good vibes <3
    Plume d'Auré

  11. Oh I feel you. I loveee homemade food. Send you lots of looves darling
    Much love, Len 🙂

  12. thank you for keeping us updated Kate!!
    Love, Tiff

  13. They always say that Junior year is usually the most challenging year for school since the classes you're taking are more advanced and senioritis hasn't kicked in yet. Wishing you the best of luck <3


    1. I can definitely tell senioritis is going to be a problem lol

  14. Don't be too bummed about the internship - use it as a learning experience! From the rest of your post, it sounds as though you still have managed a LOT your junior year and you should be so proud of yourself!!


  15. Congrats! Sounds like you accomplished a lot! And yay for telling your man about the blog! My husband is my biggest supporter and a necessity to our blog!

    Katherine | www.oneswainkycouple.com

    1. awww that's amazing how involved he is with your blog!

  16. Haha omg my junior year was the same! I got so sick of caf food and ended up eating out so much!

  17. Good luck for the future hun, I've got my fingers crossed for you not that you'll need it! Enjoy you time at home x


  18. Oh I remember junior year in college well and it sounds pretty similar to your experience. Sounds like over all you had a great year even though it had some rocky points. We need those rocky areas to appreciate the smooth ones.

    xx, Elise

  19. Sry to hear about the internship. Hopefully something way bigger & better will come along super soon! Congrats to finishing up another year, that's more than a lot of people can say!


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