Lilacs And Waterfalls

Friday, May 05, 2017

It honestly feels weird that my last class of my junior year of college is today. It does not feel real at all. To be honest, this semester went by way to fast. It does not even feel like I learned all that much. Is that bad? Opps. I swear I just moved in, but here I am moving out next week. My life is by no means at all together. In fact, it scares me a little. Everyone says that it will all just fall into place. Of course I'm hoping that's the case, but right now that's hard to believe. I find myself this summer not having a job or an internship, everyone's worst nightmare. I know it's not the end of the world, but how am I going to get a full time job next year when I don't have much experience in my industry? I guess I'll just have to play it by ear. On a positive note, how gorgeous is this waterfall? 

My boyfriend is the kind of person that loves surprises. I personally love surprises, but when you tell me "I have a surprise for you", that's when I get anxious and hate them. So when my boyfriend said he had a surprise location to take me to, you better believe that it drove me nuts. 

We got to the entrance and to our surprise, we had to pay for parking. Thank goodness the attendant provided us with a map. Let me tell you it came in handy. My boyfriend tried to drive and read the map at the same time. He wasn't having any luck, so I took over driving. Turns out, we were heading the wrong direction and needed to go across the street. 

Once we parked the car, our adventure began. We had to go down the steepest hill. I'm tell you, if it was any steeper, I'd go tumbling down it. I guess it didn't help that I wore heeled booties, but how was I supposed to know this location would require exercise? A girl's gotta look cute, am I right? 

We made it to the point where we either had to go left or right. My boyfriend asked which way we should go, and I picked left. He wanted to read the sign though to be sure we were on the right path. That's where he made a mistake. It definitely was smart of him to read the directions, but a couple behind us blurted out real loud "Are we going to the waterfall?" My eyes lit up with excitement and I asked if that's where we're going. I could tell he was trying to hold back his smile when he said, "I don't know."

I could hear the water roaring when we walked around the corner. I screamed, "I knew it!". My boyfriend was a little annoyed when he said, "that couple ruined the surprise." I reminded him though that I don't even know what it looks like, so it's still a surprise. And let me tell you, it certainly was a surprise. I've been too a few waterfalls before, but this one you could actually get decent pictures in front of. Plus there was a cute little bridge and lots and lots of rocks. 

We were supposed to only take photos of us as a couple, but we decided there were far too many people there. Instead, we snapped a few of us, and then my boyfriend shot photos of just me. You would think that being a fashion blogger, I'm used to the attention, but that's far from the truth. I swear I'm the most awkward model, especially in front of people. Side note, do any of you know the reason behind my shutter remote not working? I'm assuming it's the battery, but I'm not sure. 

Remember that steep hill I told you about earlier? The climb up was a hell of a lot worse. I may look like I'm inshape just because I'm skinny, but that's not the case. I suck at any kind of cardio. I had to take a short break, and I could tell my boyfriend was like.... REALLY!?. Oh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Once we made it to the top, you can imagine I was filled with relief. My heart stopped though when my lens cap began rolling, and rolling, and rolling down that da*m hill. I was almost tempted to leave it. I knew I shouldn't though. So I slowly made my way down the hill. Thank goodness someone saw it rolling and stopped it. He met me halfway and gave it to me. So thank you stranger!!! We ended our little date night with some Buffalo Wild Wings. Nothing beats their wings! Best of all, there was no wait and the service was fast as well! My boyfriend tried this exotic flavor and tasted straight up like Christmas/Pine Trees. Gross!! It was still an unforgettable day. I'm grateful that we're able to have all these amazing adventures together. I have no idea how I'm going to make it through this summer without him. I know it's not impossible because I managed last year, but it still sucks to think about. I didn't mean to end a negative note, so I hope you all have an amazing Friday! 

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  1. Aw what a lovely surprise! I love waterfalls! Hopefully next time, he'll tell you to bring the right shoes because water can make rocks super slippery and you wouldn't want to fall!

    Congrats on finishing junior year! Senior year will blow by before you know it. Be sure to enjoy it while you can :)

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

  2. You two are the cutest! Also this place is stunning!

  3. Nice location, pictures and outfit ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aww congrats on finishing up your year at school!! Enjoy your summer <3

    Enclothed Cognition

  5. What a beautiful place! You are your boyfriend are super cute too :)

    xo Raina

  6. Wow this is so pretty! Love your booties!

    Treats and Trends

  7. What a beautiful surprise! The waterfall looks amazing and so is your smile! xx

  8. Lilac is such a pretty color. It's a shame it isn't nearly given that much attention!

    Jessica |

  9. Beautiful environment and cute couple!

  10. Looks like you had a lovely hike! Perfect spring time activity.
    I love your pink lace top too - so pretty

  11. Congrats on going into Senior year, girl! You'll do great, don't worry!
    PS: you two are adorable♥

  12. What a gorgeous location and you two could not be any cuter!!


  13. ¡Qué outfit tan ideal, me encanta!

  14. The falls looks gorgeous and so do you! I'm glad you and your boyfriend had a fun and adventurous time!

    xo, Gillan

  15. Aw, what a cute surprise! Great photos.

  16. This waterfall is gorgeous and love the casual look you are wearing as well. Amazing pics and congrats on finishing your junior year!

  17. What beautiful and peaceful views. Moving on now to being a senior....congrats

  18. This outfit is so lovely! You look great. I also have a tendency to wear heeled booties everywhere I go and then make steep hills very difficult haha


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