Bohemian Feathers

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This 90 degree weather has been pleasant for the most part. Over the weekend I got to chill in my pool. I spend way too much time though outside because my mid section, shoulders, and legs have gotten burnt. Not the best decision by my part. While it's nice to be enjoying the sunshine there's that other part of me that dreads it. When I'm not in water, I'm just dying sweating through my clothes. Not very pleasant lol. Hopefully this "heat wave" will pass soon and go back to the low 80s. 

Back in the day, (and by back in the day, I mean last summer), the majority of my fashion photos were taken by me on a tripod. Once the fall came around, I ditched that thing and upgraded to my photographer....aka my boyfriend or mom. These photos I reverted back to the old days. I got up early to get ready and drove to a park to snap these babies. (oh and a  trip to Best Buy to replace my broken shutter remote). I had forgotten the difficulties that came with this "technique". 

Probably the number one frustrating occurrence is when your photos are not in focus. I can't tell you how many of mine times these photos were of me blurry. Clearly I have a sucky manual feature on my camera/lens. I'm honestly surprised I managed to capture photos at all. So if these pictures featured here are not up to par, I apologize.....but you get what you get! 

And can we talk about how awkward it is so pose out in public when you have all this "camera equipment" set up!? I mean a tripod, camera, and remote is not necessarily a lot of equipment, but it's not something you see everyday. So out of fear/embarrassment, I didn't use my tripod. Instead I used the ledge of the bridge to be my tripod....definitely risky by my part. Oh and I almost called it quits in the middle of my photoshoot. There was a whole family of Canadian Geese not too far away from me. I honestly thought they were going to attack me! 

This feather tank reminded me of a black and white elephant croptop my friend Carolyn wore in high school. Don't ask me how feathers and elephants are related, but some how I've correlated the two. I have to say, this white top is incredibly soft and comfortable! I've been guilty of wearing it multiple days in a row.....that's when you know you love something. I think it looks adorable tucked into jean shorts, but is going to look even cuter warn with jeans/leggings in the fall time. 


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  1. That tank is so fun! Perfect for summer!

    Treats and Trends

  2. Perfect boho look for summer. I live in denim cut offs on the weekend :)

  3. Such a cute top. I really love it! And so cool you went out and took the photos yourself - they are great!

  4. I love how your outfit matches the outdoorsy theme of the photoshoot! I can't believe that you took all these photos by yourself - that is seriously so impressive and something to be proud of. I totally understand feeling awkward when people see what you're doing, I always feel self-conscious when I'm doing a photoshoot in a public place. The hard work paid off though because the photos turned out really nice!!


  5. Love this look, Kate! Boho needs to be embraced more often. Just bc it's not a trend, doesn't mean it's not cute and fashionable!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  6. Such a cute feather tank! Always love a good Boho look!


  7. Love that tank! So cute and trendy :)

    Lauren Lindmark |

  8. I love how these photos turned out and think it's cool that you went back to your old ways and did it yourself! I don't think I could do it because I'm already so awkward with someone taking my photos haha.

  9. Such a cute outfit and so good and easy to wear on a weekend!
    Good to hear you went back to taking these photos yourself.
    My husband didn't really like taking my shots all the time when I had a fashion blog...
    Set to Glow

  10. Wow do you actually shoot yourself with a tripod typically? That's pretty challenging. I edit all my photos, but using a tripod to shoot your own photos is definitely so much more time consuming so props to you!


  11. cute tank--yikes geese sometimes scare me too-lol/Katelyn/

  12. Looking beautiful in this stylish outfit!

  13. That is the cutest top! I love the feather details on it :)

    Jessica |


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