Summer Shades

Friday, July 07, 2017

I remember how excited I was as a kid getting my first pair of sunglasses. I got them from Six Flags and they were aqua blue…..yes you heard me, aqua blue. As a kid I was definitely attracted to color. Turns out, I still am. While I do love to wear all black outfits, I love fun colored sunglasses. I went through a phase like most people where I was all about the black “bug eye” sunglasses. The bigger the more chic you were, right!? (I thought the same thing about heel heights). Now I’m all about the aviators. I know….. real original. Call me crazy or a band wagoner but I kind of want to be that pereson that gets regular eyeglasses just for an accessory purpose. 

While I think everyone needs a basic pair of brown& gold aviators, mirror sunglasses are a second staple. Not only do I feel kind of like a cop, but I also love people not being able to see my eyes. Sounds weird, but when you’re not feeling confident without makeup, these will be your best friend. Ultimately though, I love mirrored sunglasses because of the fun colors. Remember when I told you my first EVER pair of sunglasses were aqua blue. Well guess what, I still love my blue sunglasses, but just in a more fashionable manner. 

These blue mirroredaviator sunglasses are from They definitely feel way more sturdy than the ones I normally buy from like Walmart or JCPenney. (Plus it's more convenient to buy eyeglasses online). Bonus, they come with a case. This is definitely a necessity for me because I always seem to damage my belongings some way or another. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you wear a prescription,  has the option for prescription sunglasses. (FYI they also sell really cute regular eyeglasses. I kind of wish I wore glasses on a regular basis because I would totally snatch up a pair!)

Best of all, I have a coupon code for y'all if you're interested in this pair of sunglasses or any other pair of glasses/sunglasses. Just use the code GSHOT50  fo50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded).  

What’s your go to pair of sunglasses for the summer? 


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  1. Great pictures! I actually love your top!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Haha omg love the story of your first sunglasses, you were fashionable even back then haha!! I wish I remembered my first pair! Love these aviators :)

    Lauren Lindmark |

    1. lol they sound like they were fashionable....but trust me, I'm cringing thinking about them.

  3. lol that's so cute! you can never go wrong with aviators!


  4. Oh i just love those sunnies! That's my fav style too.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. I love the whole look for summer! The shades simply tie it all together :)

    Jessica |


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