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Friday, August 04, 2017

This outfit style takes me back to my good ole' days in high school. Let me take you on my little journey of discovering my personal style. So picture this, a skinny 15 year old girl dressing in any shirt that had that hollister logo on it. Plaid shorts were a must, especially paired with off brand uggs. Occasionally her hair would be would with styled in a poof with lots, and lots of hairspray. A year later that hair would be cut short into a blunt cut to her chin. You better believe she regretted it. She still felt pretty though in her skirts, especially the ones she made with her own sewing machine. Then came her senior year where dresses and skirts of all kinds became her uniform. She described her style as "Audrey Hepburn" aka anything classy. Pearls was her necklace of choice.

Yep, that was me in a nutshut. Freshman year of college my friends wanted to pay me to go a whole day without makeup, my hair in a messy bun, and my outfit had to be sweats. Yes, I was even that girly-girl in college. I must say though, my style definitely has adapted. I now love edgy pieces, trendy pieces, casual pieces, and yes the dreaded athleisurewear. Part of me is a little sad that I don't have that signature look anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't dress preppy.
You have no idea how frustrating it was taking these photos. I orginally wanted to take the photos at secluded area at a beach. However, it was wayyy to crowded there. The next stop I went to was a nature trail: same case again. So, I headed to a brick alley-way and realized I forgot the shutter remote. Just my luck! Finally, I just decided on this plain old location and used the 10 second timer. Let me tell, that was the biggest hassle. And, I'm not even satisified with them. The coloring isn't up to par, they're not fully crisp, and I have weird shadows on my face. Instead of re-doing these though, I wanted to get a post up. I left my charger at my boyfriend's house the previous week, so I had to wait until he shipped it to me. That's why there's been a lack of posts.
Now, finally onto the outfit! Like I mentioned before, I love preppy outfits, and this one certainly screams preppy chic! Please ignore the fact that my shirt isn't ironed, therefore there are some wrinkles. I was honestly just too excited to wear this silk blouse. I've never actually owned anything Charmeuse Silk, but I have to say I feel incredibly luxurious. It feels amazing on your skin!  I feel like I'm living that Blair Waldrof lifestyle lol. This Navy blouse is from Lilysilk Womens Clothing, an online boutique that has many, many options for anything silk! I'm tempted to see if they have silk pajamas, because hello goals! One thing that I love about this Lilysilk Navy blue silk blouse, is the fact that it can be dressed up or dressed down. I could wear it with leggings or even white jeans for a nautical look. 
Fly-away hairs always ruin photos! Great news for y'all. If you use the coupon code katekoutures at Lilysilk's checkout, you'll recieve 16% off and a free eye mask! Who couldn't use a new eye mask! 

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  1. Nice outfit and pictures ;)

  2. you're necklace is lovely!

  3. Beautiful photos there Kate! I love your top. :)

    Jessica |


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