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Monday, August 28, 2017

Holy cow, long time no talk! I did not anticipate me slacking on this blog in the month of August. A lot of it had to do with me having an internship where I worked 8am-5pm. I didn't always have the energy to come home and be on the computer. Now that my internship has officially ended, I'm happy to say that I'm spending all my energy into this blog again. It feels great to "be back"! There's a lot that I want to update you all on such as my new hair, recent adventures, and my professional life. I'm going to save those discussion though for some upcoming posts. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in recent posts, but I upgraded to a full frame camera. This was my first time using the camera, and I'm in love with it! The quality is ten times better. Definitely worth every penny. Clearly I still need to use it a bit, because some of the pictures are over exposed. However, one reason for that is because I was taking my own photos. It definitely is hard to get that perfect shot when you're using a tripod and just guessing at how you look. You guys seriously have no idea how excited I am to have my photographer back....aka my boyfriend!
Didn't realize how cruddy my Target sandals are looking until looking at these photos. I mean I've had them since I was in 8th grade, so I guess I should get rid of them real soon. I actually did a post a little while back featuring this same silk blouse from Lilysilk but I love it so much, that I wanted to style it again. Yes, the style is pretty similar; a bodycon skirt, and statement necklace. However, I think this outfit is more of a neutral look. This is definitely one that can be transitioned into the fall with some booties. 

Clearly my camera settings weren't perfect, but I'm just in awe at the scenery at this location. The greenery is just so luscious! These photos were actually taken on the day of the eclipse. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see anything too mesmerizing. When I took my lunch break it was still cloudy out and nothing was happening though. Everyone was posting some gorgeous photos though. Oh, and it was so relaxing to be at this location with no one else around. But while I was in the middle of posing, this lady and her dog came by. I immediately, stopped what I was doing lol. She asked if I was shooting senior pictures. I immediately said yes...
I've had this statement necklace for a couple of years. I don't wear it as often as I thought I would. I love though how it picks up the black and white from the skirt. 

I absolutely adore the keyhole detailing on this  navy silk blouse.   It adds such a darling touch! My coupon code is still valid if you're wanting to purchase from Lilysilk. If you use the coupon code katekoutures at Lilysilk's checkout, you'll recieve 16% off and a free eye mask! 


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  1. so happy you have the time to be creative again babe <333

    XO, Jessi


  2. Yay! I'm glad you're back! I love seeing your amazing photos (:

    x Ali

  3. I love the altering stripe direction on the skirt! so cute!


  4. looking gorgeous hun!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  5. You look great!!
    xx- Nina


  6. You look so gorgeous dear! I love the outfit, simple yet edgy. Love the necklace as well.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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