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Thursday, October 05, 2017

I have a love hate relationship with maxi dresses. When they were a real hit about 4 years ago, I was all about them. I felt like a runway model wearing them. Then as they slowly went out of style, I realized how they weren't all that flattering on my petite frame. The ones I owned, I felt like I was just swimming in them. Now that the double slit maxi's are in style, I'm all about them! I love how they show a lot of sexy leg. Which is why this paisley dress is my new favorite!

I'm still loving the off the shoulder look. I think I mentioned this in my 4th of July post. I've have wayyy too many off the shoulder pieces in my wardrobe. The thing I like about them is they give you the sexy look off a strapless dress without the one wants to be tugging at their dress all day. And this is the kind of off the shoulder style where you don't have to keep fidgeting because it "doesn't" look right (if you know what I mean).

At first, I was not a fan of the tiny floral prints trending. That's probably because as a kid I owned jean jacket that had red paisley flowers on it. It honestly reminded me of something you'd wear to a barnyard dance. It sounds cute, but trust me it wasn't. So since then, I've steered away from it. However I kept seeing this paisley print, and it has grown on me. I think the burgundy shade makes it even cuter. Over the past couple of years, this color has become my new "black". I seriously have a problem!

You would not believe how comfortable this smock dress is. It's like you're wearing pajamas or sweatpants. I forgot how insanely loose and comfy maxi dresses are. Best of all, you can fit a lot of food in your belly and not feel uncomfortable lol.

I must say this is the perfect dress if you're wanting to dress for a fall festivity but you still want to hold onto the last bit of summer. It's super affordable too for under $20 on Zaful.

You would not believe how many lookout areas my boyfriend and I passed. We tried to find the perfect location of the water in the back. However every one we passed either was ugly algae water or we just merely passed it up on accident. Somehow we found not one but two locations. Plus, we managed to capture a train in the background at on of the locations. One of the pictures you can read "Hyundai" clear as day on one of the train cars. I don't know why, but I'm amused by that.

My boyfriend commented that the off the shoulder dress reminded him of the early 1900s. I guess he's not used to seeing girls in maxi skirts/dresses. He didn't say it's ugly though because trust me, he will lol. I found slip on shoes (you know the fake quilted black leather ones that are popular) and he said they reminded him of nursing shoes/crocs. Sorry babe....but I'm still going to wear them.
This picture isn't properly exposed, but I thought it was too cute not to post. 

He also said that there was a girl in Walmart wearing a similar style dress. He said that the little girl had the cutest look on her face because she was excited we were practically matching. Glad I could make her day lol


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  1. This is such a pretty maxi dress! I love that the color carries easily into fall!

  2. Beautiful photos! I've seen this dress elsewhere in the blogosphere and this just makes me want it even more! Maxi dresses never go wrong; they're both flattering and comfortable! <3
    You have such a nice blog, I'd love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know!
    Have a great weekend. x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  3. Such gorgeous photos and that dress is super pretty x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  4. Such a lovely look! Beautiful photos!

  5. Love your dress pretty girl!

    Kara Aragon

  6. Such a cute pattern and I love the off the shoulder style!
    Aleeha xXx

  7. You look beautiful, love the dress!

  8. Such a gorgeous dress love! Seriously need this in my closet *insert heart eyes*!!

    Lauren Lindmark |


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