Fly me to the mountains

Friday, October 20, 2017

Currently wearing a blanket scarf, a burgundy lace dress, and laceup booties, just taking in all the fall "feelings". I'm lucky enough that the weather hasn't gotten too cold that I'm still able to wear dresses. I'll be honest, I've been wearing jeans most of the time though. **note to self....wear dresses and knee high boots whenever possible!. Can we just talk about how beautiful this view is!? And believe it or not the hike was not all that bad (and I'm one to complain about cardio lol). My boyfriend did say that it was hard to get the perfect shot since there was so much limited space. I think he did a great job though.  I'm hoping that the nice weather continues to stay so that my boyfriend and I are able to still play tennis & golf, go on hikes and just enjoy being outside. I love the holiday season, but what can you actually do in your free time when it's cold out. I swear I'm the most boring person lol. Tonight, I'm going to a haunted house with friends. I'm not actually "scared" of them until the moment comes to enter the house. That's when it gets quite spooky.

I have a lot to say in this post, so let's talk about the outfit before I forget about it. Lately, I've been really into rompers. They're more convenient than dresses because of the whole wind thing (though I still sometimes wear shorts underneath my rompers). I'm absolutely obsessed with the open back detailing on this romper It's just so sexy and would be perfect for hot days or a night out. (Clearly I got dressed in a hurry and didn't realized the back of the romper is a little messed up, so just ignore that). The lace front is just such a beautiful touch. I wore a bralette underneath because I don't have the best cleavage lol. This was actually my first time wearing a bralette. Let me rephrase that. This was my first time wearing a bralette without a bra underneath. I just feel like bralettes do nothing for my tiny titties, so I always feel the need to wear a bra underneath. This time though, I see what all the hype is about. It's insanely comfortable!!!
My boyfriend bought these for our 2 year anniversary and I'm just in love with them! I swear he has better taste than me. Funny story though, I was changing back into my Nikes, when he took the booties from me. I thoughthe was going to put them back in my back, but nope, he set up this little photoshoot of the booties. It was the cutest thing! 
You might be thinking, you're wearing a romper in the fall time!? Well don't you worry. I styled it with these black booties. And no, I didn't hike in this booties. I changed out of my Nikes just before the photos. Oh and how cute would it be with a black fedora or floppy hat!? Forget to mention the romper is from DressLily
Have you noticed the small changes I made to my blog? I updated the title and "profile" picture. I tried to change the color theme to a light pink (I know....just like everyone else). And I got the header changed but the side bar colors wouldn't change. Anyone have any advice for that?
I just saw the movie "Happy Death Day", and I have to say, I'm impressed. It was kind of relatable because I'm in college right now. I'm not going to ruin the movie for any of you, but one of the "themes" (look at me using my AP English terms from high school lol) was to learn to be a better person. I can't tell you how many times I've heard this over the course of my lifetime. For some reason though, during the moving, I just had this "warm sense of feeling" where it actually inspired me. It make me want to change my lifestyle. Hopefully it sticks with me because I can only improve being less judgemental, less self-centered, and more positive.



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  1. Just found your blog. It is lovely. Love the look! Super cute outfit. The pictures are stunning.
    Meghan |

  2. Love that romper and those booties! Super cute!

    Erica Valentin

  3. Nice and cute outfit with great booties ... and superb pictures ;)

  4. Lovely romper dear! I love the sexy and cute style. Also, yes, booties would be a perfect pair for that.

    Jessica |

  5. Kate, I always love your posts and can always relate to them. Changing into cute boots after hiking for cute outfit pictures? Something I do way too often to admit. And I saw Happy Death Day and loved it too. I've been thinking a lot about change as well, it's been a big "theme" in my life this last year and I want to keep it like that. I'm constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. Love this post and you look beautiful as always!


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