2017 Picture Recaps

Friday, December 29, 2017

So I meant to get my "What I Got For Christmas" post up earlier this week. And clearly that didn't happen. I think that's going to be put off though because I have a "NEW YEAR'S" series that I want to get up asap. This first post in this mini-series is a post/picture recap. I've seen lots bloggers do this idea, but who really inspired me to do it was Lauren from Daily Dose of Charm. Lauren is such a sweetheart and I genuinely enjoy reading everyone of her posts. She's a blogger that I aspire to be like. Her content is just fabulous and the fact that her mom takes all of her photos is even that more incredible. So below I've included my favorite posts for each month. I've chosen them for different reasons. Some may be because of the memory, the "cool picture" or because I really like the outfit. Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to pick favorites especially for my fall picks. I just love how all of them turned out. Though, somehow I managed to only include 1 picture for each month. Its amazing to see how my style and photography has changed throughout the year of 2017. I secretly think this style of post is my favorite.Without further adieu, let's get into my post!


My boyfriend came for a visit over winter break. He only got to stay for a short period of time though due to a cold and bad weather. We still managed to eat at his favorite restaurant, go ice skating, and quickly snap these photos. I remember he was telling me that he was coughing up some blood in the morning, yet he still was a sweetheart ice skating and posing for pictures in the freezing cold. I wore that burgundy blouse quite a bit in the early months of 2017. I'm pretty sure the sleeves have shrunk though, so I feel a little less confident wearing it. Instead of being belle sleeves, they're "normal". Oh and my boyfriend says he doesn't like his hair long, but I think it's looks sexy like this. 


I got the opportunity to work with Jord on a watch post. The post was a valentine's gift guide for men. It was honestly to much fun being able to photograph and feature him on my blog. It isn't every day that you get to brag about how hot your bf looks. Plus he was super stoked that he got a wood watch.


For some reason, this location reminds me of NYC. I think it's the structured bridge. I absolutely adore how this post turned out. It was so adorable with the pink coat. I always get so many compliments when I wear it. The day we shot these photos, it was unbelievably windy. That's why my hair is so crazy. 


My boyfriend said he had the perfect place to take my photos in, and he was right! I absolutely adore the rustic look from this red barn/mill. It went pefectly with the hunter green flannel I was wearing. It was kind of awkward taking photos here though because we had to stand in the middle of the road to take them. So we were constantly watching for cars. 


Another amazing pick of location by my boyfriend! He said he had a surprise location for me. We had to hike down this long, steep hill.  I had no idea that it was a waterfall. A couple ruined the surprise though when the lady asked her husband if they were going down the route of the waterfall. My by was SOOOOO disappointed. We still got some pretty amazing pictures 


I finally invested in a pair of sticky boobs. I had one for prom, but not the silicone one. I'm so glad I invested in one because it was perfect to wear with backless dresses like this one. I absolutely adore the criss cross back and the fact that it is blue and white stripes....the perfect dress to kick of summer


My boyfriend came up for the 4th of July weekend. I went all out and purchased gingham shorts and a chambray shirt. Which btw, off the shoulder was my favorite trend for the year. We went to my towns 4th of July fest. My favorite part was obviously kissing on the ferris wheel...every girl's dream. We also took a spontaneous swim at the beach. Lightning ruined our date though. Oh and how could I forget the steak house dinner we had......just delicious!!! 


Clearly this was the month that major changes took place. I died my hair blonde!!! It was quite the process to get it that shade. I'm not sure if my family is till used to it. The last week in August was quite the advertious one. That was the week that I dyed my hair. Then I had my last day at my corporate internship. And that weekend was my boyfriend's mom's wedding.  That was probably my favorite day of the whole year. We had the dance floor to ourselves while "Thinking Out Loud" played. We kissed, we twirled, we swayed, and we dipped. It was just perfect. I had quite the hard time finding a dress. The one I wanted didn't quite fit, so I purchased this hot pink one on clearance. I probably should have tried the combination of my hot pink bra with this fuscia dress on prior to the wedding. If I did, I would have realized it clashed and looked hooker-ish. I was worried about it the whole night, until it got extremely chilly. So my bf offered me an oversized hoodie of his. Yep, you could say my outfit was disasterous....but who cares! 


Gingham was definitely my favorite print for the year. I don't think I have that many pieces in it, but I absolutely adore this romper from American Eagle. I wish I would have ordered a size up, because let me tell you, it fits like a glove. If I were to gain 5 pounds, this baby would not fit. So I guess I'll have to get my use out of it while I can. It's not the most propriate for everyday use because it has a giant cutout by the boobs......you only live once though! The view at this lookout is unbelieveable. I'm going to miss it when I graduate from college. Oh and while I was getting a shot of my sunglasses, they blew off the edge. I think you can guess what happened....they cracked! 


I have so many gorgeous pictures of the fall leaves, my none of them do it as much justice as this picture. My boyfriend and I took quite the muddy path to get to this location, but we finally made it! While we were on route to the rocks, one lady told my bf that he should get me some shoes without a heel on them. Ummm excuse you....these have like no heel on them!


So clearly this was not taken in November, but that's when I posted it. I absolutely adore this dress. It's the pretties color and has cutest bow in the back. This was the dress that I was going to wear to my boyfriend's mom's wedding, but it was EXTREMELY tight! That didn't stop me from taking a picture in it though!


I couldn't pick a more approriate picture to represent December than this one. I just posted it, so you might recognize it. I absolutely love the scarf. It's perfect for the holidays. I wanted to take these pictures at a tree farm but that never happened. There's always next year lol! After taking these photos we celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend's family by exchanging gifts and just chatting.

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  1. Great post! I remember most of these photos. I look forward to continuing to follow along in 2018 :)

    Kara Aragon

  2. So many fabulous looks! Especially loving the OTS fall florals dress at the muddy location and the backless dress from the summer. So pretty! Happy New Year <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! Looks like you had an awesome year. All the best in 2018!!

    xx Lola | https://thelushspot.com

  4. Wow, what a year it has been for you dear. You have tons of amazing posts, with really pretty outfits. And yes, sticky boobs are perfect for backless dresses, and backless dresses are gorgeous!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  5. What a year! And so fashionable =o) I love the tiffany blue dress the most



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