A Holly, Jolly Christmas

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Over the weekend, I had quite the Christmas adventure. Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to see these rotary lights that are a half hour away. We've gone for the past two years, and I love it every time. Though this time, I was starting to recognize the light displays like the carousel and the elephant. There was a tree that was decorated with scuba gear and I thought that was just the cutest! Once again there was no snow for it. I really wish there was some on the ground because that would make it that much more magical. There's the option to either drive through the lights or walk. I was tempted this time to drive through because I was FREEZING. It was mostly my face and legs, but it was still pretty bad. I find that you get more of an "experience" when you walk through it, so I decided to toughen it up.
After the rotary lights, we were in desperate need for a cappuccino, so we stopped for our favorite gas station coffee.....way better than Starbucks if you ask me. Once we were finished with the cappuccino, for some reason we were craving an icee from Taco Bell. So while we were driving looking at Christmas lights, we slurpped on that. To be honest, there weren't that many impressive houses. Very few had lights out, which surprised us. The combination of the coffee, icee, and Famous Dave's dinner, was not the best idea. My stomach felt like it was going to explode lol. I couldn't even finish watching my favorite movie: Home Alone. Instead, I shut it off halfway through, and went straight to bed. Maybe I'll watch the rest tonight after the NFL game and our gingerbread house competition.
I've been a fan of the criss-cross sweater for a while. I think it adds such a cute and sexy touch to a normal sweater. I'm glad I got my hands on this ivory criss-cross sweater from DressLily.  What's best about having a criss-cross sweater is that you don't have to wear a necklace. The lace-up detailing adds just enough pazaaz!
I was trying ti achieve that effortless slouchy/cozy look with my hands hiding in my sleeves. I don't think I pulled it off though 
I wasn't sure how the sweater would fit being that it's practically a big giant blanket. I normally go for more fitted sweaters, but this lace-up one fits perfectly! It hugs in all the right places.
My boyfriend was joking and asked "is that how all the cool kids wear them" referring to my sweater being partially tucked. Little does he know that yes, that's how all the bloggers wear them. 

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  1. Yes that is how bloggers wear it =o)


  2. Really cute criss-cross sweater dear. Love the simplicity of the outfit too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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