Last Minute Christmas Gift

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Okay, I ultimately failed as a blogger. I meant to have this post up weeks ago so you guys would have time to purchase this as a Christmas gift. Let's just say finals got in the way. I've had quite the hectice week of losing the keys to my dorm room and about 2 hours later, I lost my wallet. I still REALLY wanted to share this post with y'all anyways. There's always the option for fast shipping, or maybe you're celebrating Christmas later with some people. Either way, I think a monogrammed phone-case is such a cute gift. With Case-Custom, you can upload your own pictures to use on your case. This would be great if you have a newly-wed you are buying for. How cute would it be to have a bride and groom picture on a phone case. A newborn picture would also be just precious!!!! 

My favorite part about my phone case is the monogram that I added to it. I swear, I belong in the South! Oh, and if you have a weird phone model aka like me (a Droid Maxx 2), Case-Custom has got you covered! And if you're not into the whole "put my face on a phone case" lol, there are fun pre-uploaded patterns that you can use such as Lily Pulitzer backgrounds. There is a 15% off sale going on right now....whoop, whoop!!!
Next time I probably talk to you guys, it'll be Christmas. I cannot wait to be dressed in plaid pajamas and wake up super early to see all the presents under the tree. Ugh, it's my favorite time of year and I cannot wait for the day! What are your plans for the holiday? 

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