Mauve Glistening Reindeer

Friday, December 01, 2017

This happens all the time, but I had a location in mind for this post (thanks to Instagram location) and of course it didn't work out. We couldn't find it so we improvised for this spot in front of the lake. We had to rush it because a.) it was cold & b.) there were hunters around. We were afraid that they would be mad we were scaring away the deer or they might accidentally shoot us lol. Even though the scenery was kind of blah, it turned out kind of cute because the sun was setting. AHHH I could just orgasm over "golden hour" photos.
Speaking of hunting, my boyfriend's family shot a buck this weekend. It was my first time seeing the after math of skinning and all that sort. Let me tell you it was a war zone. I think I'm fine with seeing the meat, but the fact that your hands get COVERED in blood grosses me out. I'm just thinking about how many germs on your hands now....clearly I'm a germ-a-phobe.
Am I the only one that has a love hate relationship with sweaters? I think they're the cutest thing and look so cozy. However, I always find myself just sweating in them when I'm at someone's house, in a classroom, or shopping. And then I kind of start panicking that I won't cool down. So, I wear them sparingly. What I love about this mauve sweater though is that it's more of a lightweight sweater. Don't get me wrong, it will certainly keep you warm, but you can wear it comfortably with a jacket. 
I love all the little details in this sweater: the pocket and the crisscross back. It looks adorable with just your bare-skin showing or with a cute bralette peeking out. 

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  1. Lovely sweater and beautiful pictures ;)


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