Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm currently sitting in my bed in new plaid pajamas and bootie slippers. I honestly wish I was the "basic girl" that has a candle lit and sipping hot chocolate....that sounds so cozy! I debated whether or not to post this on Christmas, but I never got around to it. My family was super busy trying to prepare our house for the holidays that I never really had a second to sit down and write this. And I'm honestly glad I waited. On this blog I've always tried to not be active on the weekends. I try to spend my weekends with my family/boyfriend. I want to keep that "tradition" for mainly one reason. I'm hoping to continue this blog when I'm older. And once I get married and have children, I want the weekends to be "my time". The same thing goes for holidays. I want to be "in the moment". Sorry for the little "spiel" I just felt the need to get this off my chest. Now onto my Christmas recap!

I've said this in previous posts, but my family doesn't go all out for holidays. We normally just have my immediate family and our meal consists of "boxed" sides. That's just the ways it's always been. This year was no different. Christmas Eve night was spent watching Home Alone 2. It's my ALL TIME favorite movie! I could watch it all year round if I could. I was so disappointed though because I ended up falling asleep during it.
I woke up Christmas morning feeling kind of weird. Normally I wake up all excited and head straight for my stocking to check out the goodies inside. This time I woke up all confused not really knowing what day it was. But then it hit me, it was Christmas! We went to church in the morning and waited for my grandparents to show up at 1pm until we opened our presents. As a kid, that's the time we would normally open presents. My mom would stay up crazy late hours wrapping presents and sleep in really late. It used to always bug me because I was SO ANXIOUS! So it was interesting having that "throwback" to late present opening. The majority of the presents I already knew about because I was with my mom when she picked them out. I will say, while I do thoroughly enjoy all the presents, it did ruin the fun of opening presents. I'm thinking of doing a "What I got for Christmas" post, so let me know if that's something you're interested in. I know it's a popular video on YouTube, but I'm not sure how popular it is in the blogging community.
For the evening, my brother/sister-in-law/niece and my other brother/girlfriend came over. I was a little nervous about my niece coming over because she was throwing up the night before and I didn't want to catch it. I am the biggest germ freak lol. I haven't gotten sick yet, so I think I'm safe....hopefully.
We ended the night by watching Home Alone 1. I was determined to stay awake this time. If you know me at all though, I fall asleep easily during movies at night. So of course, you guessed it....I fell asleep during the movie. I'm honestly so disappointed in myself. Guess I'll be watching Home Alone again this week. Probably during the day though.
I'm honestly so obsessed with this plaid scarf. To me it's the perfect holiday accessories. I've been using a ton for photo "decor". Even though Christmas is over, I'm still going to be using the scarf because plaid is my absolute favorite print. It's under $20 from DressLily In this post, I'm wearing the scarf as sort of a shawl. I'm actually loving the look. It's kind of a more "sophisticated" look than just wearing it as a regular scarf. The scarf also doubles as a blanket lol. My boyfriend was mad that I was using his blanket on the scarf and wanted me to share it. Instead, I just gave him my scarf to cuddle up with on the couch and he didn't complain. Let me know in the comments what you did for the holidays! I REALLY had my heart set on taking these pictures at a tree farm. The first time we tried to go, it was snowy really bad and the roads were dangerous. The next time, the tree farm was closed. It was on a country road, so it's not like we could just park our car somewhere. Instead, we stopped by some wood-sy looking place. Definitely not cute because there's no snow on the ground. But oh well! 


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  1. aw sounds like you had a lovely christmas! i also woke up on the day confused and it took me 5 mins to realise it was christmas haha!

    also confession: i have NEVER seen home alone. i feel like my new years resolution for 2018 is to watch the damn thing cos ive heard so much about it lol.

    katie. xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you too ;)

  3. That scarf is so gorgeous babe!!!!
    Happy Holidays!
    Xx Brandi

  4. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! I recently re-watched Home Alone for the first time since I was a kid and totally forgot about the part with the polka band from Kenosha. Ha! I'm a Wisconsinite, too. :) I'm from Racine. Where abouts are you located? Love your blog!

  5. Love the location of these photos and the outfit! Can definitely feel the holiday vibes :)

    Lauren Lindmark |

  6. Love this post. You're so cute! Merry belated Christmas!

    Demi ||


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