Graduation Party Dresses

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hello my lovelies!!! I actually planned on posting a different post before this. However, thanks to my cheap a*s school, they deleted Photoshop from my laptop. Isn't it enough that they charge enough for tuition, and now they have to delete computer programs? So, long story short, I have that post all ready to go and just need to resize some images. That post will explain my absence and give you a little life update. I did want to get a post up on here ASAP though because I hate that I practically took the entire month of May off from blogging. So, I thought I would give all you ladies a little dress inspiration for the summer. Whether you're hosting your own graduation party (like I did) or you're a guest to a party, these dresses will be perfect to make a statement for summer.

1. Pretty in Pink

Okay, so I started off this list with probably the most darling dress. This maxi dress is conservative yet a little sexy with the slit and off the shoulder top. Plus how darling is the print. You'll certaintly be pretty in pink! 

2. Classic Black and White 

Lately, I've been on a big stripes kick. In the past I was a huge fan of horizontal stripes, but vertical stripes have taken over my life lol! Anything with a thin stripe like this, I'm instantly attracted too. This striped dress is also on the conservative side, so it's perfect for those family gatherings. 

3. Backyard Picnic 

I'm all for an open back dress. It's a nice change of pace to have your girls covered and to show off your back. I think they take the most darling pictures. Plus how cute are these bows on this gingham dress!? . It would also be darling for the 4th of July! 

4. Cutesy 

Clearly I have a thing for off the shoulder dresses at the moment! I find that if you're thin like me, the extra ruffle on the shoulder adds a little something to your petite frame. This floral dress is just so cute and innocent looking. 

5. Summer Leaf Print

I'm not sure how this ties into looking like a "graduation dress", but it was too cute not to include. I mean come on....that print is to die for! And the asymmetrical hem is just adorable. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Dresses are from Charlotte Russe, Zaful, and Lulu's.  

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  1. Cute picks dear, especially the gingham. Love the open back style. So sexy! That off-shoulder floral midi is lovely too.

    Jessica |


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