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Sunday, July 22, 2018

I think I'm officially a grownup. I've never been into decorating but these past few times I've gone into TJ Maxx, I've spent so much time in the home décor section. I remember being a kid and rolling my eyes when my mom would spend hours in this section (or so it felt). Now, I'm always tempted to buy a new fake plant, or a cute mug. It' honestly become a problem. I've been pretty good about "saying no" to things, but every once in a while I cave. I just went to TJ Maxx a couple hours ago and I almost bought a cup set to store things like pencils in. Do I really need it: no.....but it would look cute in my kitchen! The struggles of being a girl!
I've also found myself getting excited over getting my first Swiffer, and picking out my air freshener scent. I'm not staying up as late as I did in college either. Not that I was some crazy college kid, but it felt weird going to be if it was earlier than 10:30. Now I find myself getting ready for bed around 9:30, and hitting the hay by 10:15. Probably the biggest adjustment to this whole adulthood thing, is lacking the ability to sleep in. Not only does it suck going to bed early, but the fact that my body physically can't sleep in on the weekends, just sucks. Can't I just have one weekend where my body doesn't wake up at 5 o'clock out of habit? 
I thought I would change up the typical blog location by going to a baseball park. If I'm being honest, they didn't turn out as cool as I pictured them in my head. They're still kind of cute though :)

I remember two years ago being obsessed with baseball tees. I love how sporty they look, and are so much more interesting than a regular t-shirt. This striped shirt has the cutest preppy look. I love it paired with jeans and sneakers. This would be the perfect shirt to go see a Cubs game in. Go Cubs Go! 

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  1. Cute shirt indeed! Loving the color combo and the stripes.

    Jessica |

  2. Love this look and love how you shot it!!

    Lauren Lindmark |


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