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Sunday, January 27, 2019

I'm currently sitting on my couch with my Vanilla Snowflake candle burning. We're supposed to get hit with quite a few inches of snow tonight. I'm kind of in this weird phase where I don't want to let go of winter. I love the look of a fresh snowfall, and all the cute layers that follow because of this. I have  finally taken my Christmas tree down.  I've left up a few of the more "winter" themed decorations, like my little baby flocked tree on my coffee table, and a mug filled with frosted pinecones. Though, I finally now have the slight urge to put out some spring decorations thanks to all the cute Valentine's/Spring theme décor in Target. Today I bought some Valentine dishtowels that are just too cute! Gosh I sound just like my mom...getting excited about Dishtowels. I don't want to fully decorate for Spring though because let's face it....there's going to be snow until April.

Since I'm in this weird funk of still loving winter themed items, while also loving Spring items, I thought I would share with all you ladies some of the trends that I've been loving. As you can expect, some of these things are winter, and some are definitely more warm weather appropriate. So get ready for the most hodgepodge post ever!


I love that tweed is back in style! I remember having a tweed skirt set as I kid, I loved wearing it. Tweed looks adorable on just about anything...jackets, skirts, and even purses. I'm getting major Blair Waldorf vibes from this black and white purse


I've seen so many girls on Instagram rocking these hats. It brings me back to my high school days when I too was obsessed with them. These bright, fun colors would be perfect for the transition into Spring. 


I don't know what has taken me so long to switch over to high-waisted jeans. I guess it's because all the ones I tried on never really flattered my body type. That all changed when I found some of my favorite pairs from American Eagle. 


I was that girl in high school that wore pearls or a statement every day. I felt naked and incomplete without it. Lately though, I've been reaching for such really simple jewelry, especially when I wear jeans and a tshirt. Plus this whole layered necklace trend is bonus, because you get two necklaces for the price of one!


This was a print that I was obsessed with last year, and maybe even the year before that. I think why I love lead prints so much is that it just reminds me of vacation. Couldn't you just picture yourself wearing this swimsuit on an island in a cabana? 


Okay.... wouldn't this be the cutest office outfit with some tights and over the knee boots? Any dress or jacket that is double breasted instantly makes me think of New York. It's just such a chic look! 


Last, but not least, I saved the girlest trend for last! I used to hate floral. It reminded me of "an old lady look". Now I think floral, especially this dress, gives off such elegance and feminism. 

And there you have most random post of trends I've been loving. I did want to mention that some of these pieces are from DressLily

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