White and Lacey

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Don't you just love when you have to come up with a new photo location on the spot? I planned on taking these photos someplace else, but turns out it was prime to plow the parking lot when I showed up. So, I had to come up with a new spot with a snap of the fingers (hence the ugly background). Oh and of course the wind had to be blowing at full force. So that's why I only had a few photos to choose from. That's just your average blogger problems though!

The first time I saw the whole lingerie styled for the daytime trend, I thought it was the strangest, and sort of sluttiest thing. Somehow though it has grown on me. I think it's the delicate lace that attracts me. It has this feminine look that looks elegant with a tad bit of sexy. I styled this white, lace bodysuit in more of a modest way. I paired a nude tank top undeath and threw on a black blazer. I find that these two additions make it more daytime appropriate.

I've seen Amber Fillerup & Aspyn Ovard do these "12 Things" posts and I think they're just the cutest posts. They're great to just empty your mind when you have a million things on them. So I thought I would copy them and do the same!

1. My first bullet obviously has to be about Aspyn and Amber, since they "started" this whole trend. First off, Amber just had her little baby girl Frankie. She is just a doll and her kids adore the little baby. Second off, I can't believe Aspyn is PREGNANT! I never thought I would be so excited for a "celebrity" to be pregnant. I'm secretly hoping it's going to be a girl. Can't wait until they reveal the gender. I can't get enough of her and Parker's pregnancy content.

2. I just rewatched the clip from 90210 when Liam proposes to Annie. It's just as cute and heartwarming as I remember. Secretly hoping that'll be me sometime soon! After watching the clip, I had the urge to rewatch 90210. Unfortunately, it's no longer on Netflix. Instead, I'm currently starting Gossip Girl over. Call me Basic, but Dan and Serena are the cutest couple on the planet

3. Speaking of TV shows, I need a new recommendation! The only tv show I have to watch is The Bachelor, and that's almost over. Leave your suggestions down below. I need something to look forward to after work lol.

4. I stayed in bed until noon today, and I have no regrets! Sometimes you just need those lazy mornings where all you do is waste your time with your phone in your hand.

5. My fake plant obsession is becoming a huge problem. I just bought a new one from TJ maxx and named it Henry. (My boyfriend and I name all our plants because we're weird like that). I just went to Target and saw the cutest banana leaf one for $40. I'm contemplating buying it, even though I have no room for it.

6. I've been feeling like a kid lately because of all the "kids" snacks I've been purchasing. My pantry is stocked with rice krispy treats, fruits snacks, and those breadstix that you dunk in that fake cheese. Who needs healthy snacks when this stuff is 10x better?

7. I've been completely failing at my New Year's Resolutions. Is it too late to start over? I just need to find the motivation again, and push myself.

8. Speaking of snacks, my new favorite cliff bar is the Cool Mint and chocolate one. It tastes just like Thin Mints. What more can you want? So long, White Chocolate Macadamia….there's a new guy in town!

9. My skin hasn't been looking too bad lately, but I keep f*cking it up by sleeping with my makeup one. I get so lazy, and sometimes have no motivation. It seems like an okay idea in the moment, but I regret it everytime. One of these days I'll do an updated skincare routine post. I've added in some products to my routine that are game changers.

10. I'm in a cooking rut. I have cookbooks, but still seem to lack inspiration for new meals. Instead, I've been cooking just the usual. Leave your favorite meals down below in the comments.

11. As much as 90 degree weather stresses me out (I hate sweating lol), I'm looking forward to the warmer weather, so my boyfriend and I can play basketball outside at night. I love spending some quality time together at night.

12. Waking up for work has been a stuggle lately. I used to be so great at waking up early to ensure that I get there at a decent time. This past month though, I've been hitting snooze on my alarm too much. I need to get back into my routine, so I can feel better about myself.

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